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101: Bunion Home Remedies And Prevention

Bunions can be one of the peskiest additions to your life as an adult. About one-third of adults end up getting them in their life. Furthermore, they’re somewhere in the middle of annoying and concerning. That can mean, for a while, you might ignore them and hope they go away. In reality, they won’t go on their own.

That’s why bunion home remedies are a great way to help. These methods can not only treat bunions but help prevent them as well. Here are a few practices to start working into your routine.

How to Prevent Bunions at Home

If you’re looking up article after article about preventing bunions from getting worse, you’re in the right place. Here are just a few things you can do to help

Avoid Cheap Work Boots or Heels

Certain shoes can seem essential to working in particular fields for men and women. For example, many men and women who work in the construction industry wear work boots for the bulk of the day. For some women in an office scenario, heels seem like the norm, so that’s why they put up with the pains, and eventually, the threat of bunions.

Men and women looking to find home remedies for bunions can simply avoid wearing cheap work boots or heels. This is a great first step in ensuring that you’re not going to put your feet in added danger. Of course, if you’re on your feet for huge portions of the day, there’s another thing to consider as well.

Giving Your Feet a Rest

Why do so many adults end up getting bunions? In short, much more of their day is spent on their feet. It’s why so many are starting to work a pair of cork-based or wool shoes into their wardrobe for times when they don’t need to dress the part for work or social occasions.

If you wear a slipper but are still moving, then you’re not giving your foot the support it needs. Clogs, however, provide stability and comfort that also support the foot as it rests after a long day. It’s just what you need to battle bunions that you can feel coming on.

Foot Stretching for Bunion Prevention

Bunions can come on by the foot, staying too stiff during the day. It’s a huge reason so many people who know bunions run in their family work to do foot stretching as a regular part of their daily routine. 

Stretching the foot, curling the toes, and elongating parts of the foot that stay trapped in a shoe all day can really help. Even 10 minutes a day can ward off the bunions you feel developing.

Wearing the Right Pair of Shoes

It’s no secret that figuring out how to shrink bunions naturally is tough. That’s why the most important thing you can do is wear the right pair of shoes. Picking a brand of shoes that prioritizes ways to make your feet happy and healthy goes a long way. 

Look for shoes that offer support as part of their main product features. These shoes are designed to help support the foot throughout the day. It might not be something that you thought of a few years ago, but as we age, our feet need more help staying strong, and we are the only ones who can care for them.


As you continue to explore how to prevent bunions, don’t forget that paying attention to your feet goes a long way. It’s not enough to notice they’re a bit sore and hope for the best. Keep an eye on them to avoid further harm to your feet.

Of course, bunion remedies are easy to do, but the best practice is to buy shoes that your feet will love. Starting here if you have mild bunion issues can go a long way.

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