The Definitive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Year-Round Office Shoe

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The Definitive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Year-Round Office Shoe
1 year ago

What pulls your office outfit together? Your shoes, of course! Your footwear is always going to make a statement, especially in a work setting. That’s why picking the perfect women’s business shoes is very important.

Do you want to avoid having a selection of shoes under your desk? Wonder what is going to look great no matter the season? Let us help.

Here is how to find the best women office shoes for your calendar year.

Understand Your Office to Determine the Best Shoes

Business shoes for women need to reflect the space in which you’re working in. Understanding the style of the office is vital in deciding which office shoes for women are right for your feet. If your office is more formal, a higher heel option will be more appropriate. Especially if you’re looking to make an impression with clients, a fancier women’s business shoe will provide the right accent.

There can be a lot of office politics when in comes to selecting an appropriate wardrobe, so understand your audience and environment. Ask other women their opinions on the best office shoes to guide you to the right style. And never feel like you need to sacrifice style for comfortable. Comfortable business shoes for women can be just as appropriate and elegant as the pumps that left your feet aching by the end of the day.

A pair of Mary Janes, like the Stunner, represent women’s office shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. While still being appropriate for any business environment, this pair makes the best office shoe for its stylish accents and cushioned, removable footbed.

Stunner Pewter Black
Comfortable Women's Business Shoes

Comfort should be high on your list. Even though you may spend a lot of time sitting down, you still want your feet to be as comfortable as possible.

The most comfortable business shoes for women are ones the fit correctly. Depending on the size, width, and structure of your shoesize, width, and structure of your shoe, various office shoes for women will fit differently.

When selecting a pair of women’s business shoes, make sure the ball of your foot fits comfortably. Also check that the sides are neither too tight nor too loose, and that your foot does not slip. An ill-fitting shoe can cause health problems, so it is worth doing your due diligence in making sure the best office shoes fit your foot appropriately.

If you require a wider-width women's office shoe, the Ta Dah is an excellent option. The low heel and Curves and Pods® premium removable footbed make these one of the most comfortable business shoes for women. Meanwhile, the supple leather upper and lining keep these office-appropriate. TaDah Pewter

Office Shoes for Women in Any Weather

Since you’re likely going into the office year-round, you want to know that your women's business shoes can handle different types of weather. They should hold strong no matter if it is hot or cold outside. Finding comfortable women’s office shoes in a breathable leather is a great option for most areas as well.

A pair of Virtue office shoes for women strikes the right balance of durability and comfort for any season. The breathable microfiber lining offers incredible arch and metatarsal support, while making sure your feet don’t suffocate even in the heat of summer.

Virtue Black

Do the Best Office Shoes Have A Heel?

The answer to this depends on what your prefer and what is your office dress code policy. In general, however, we recommend wearing a small heel.

Too tall a heel will not be the kind of comfortable business shoes for women that you’ll want to wear day in and day out. They will also not offer the support you need to make it through a long day. However, a heel is often desired in the office, depending on the culture.

A heel no higher than an inch will usually suffice, allowing you to select a pair of women’s office shoes that are comfortable while still looking the part. The Debut makes a great business shoe for women with a 1 ¼” heel height and the Curves & Pods® removable footbed. All-day comfort meets timeless style in this pair of women's business shoes. Debut Pewter