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How to Protect Your Suede and Leather Shoes From Fall Weather

From cozy knit sweaters to oversized coats, new suede boots to velvet jeans, fall is perhaps the most exciting season of them all when it comes to shopping. However, it’s also one of the most unpredictable in terms of the weather. We’re talking rain, mud, and perhaps even some snow flurries. 

It can be easy to forget that protecting oneself from the elements doesn’t just mean wearing a hood or holding an umbrella. Our nice leather and suede shoes get the worst of it. So, taking preventative measures and knowing how to protect suede shoes and your other types of leather footwear is a must. There’s no use in investing in a good pair of shoes if they’re only going to last one year! Here are some proven ways to give some TLC to leather shoes for women.


How to Waterproof Leather Boots

Before you wear your new leather shoes, apply a protective spray to keep out the water and prevent stains. Our Waterproof Protector spray can be used on leather, suede, microfiber, and fabrics like canvas. So, it’s not only the best suede spray, but is also useful for almost all of the shoes in your closet. The eco-friendly waterproof spray for shoes adds a thin layer of protection that should be applied every few weeks for maximum efficiency.

Taos Footwear Waterproof Protector Spray

Protect Taos Boots By Always Doing a Quick Clean After Wear

It’s a really good habit to do a quick clean as soon as you’ve taken your nice shoes off. If you’re wondering how to take care of leather boots that are already dirty, grab our easy Footwear Wipes and remove any dust or grime that may have collected on them. These are perfect for shiny leather boots like Crave and can even be used on rubber soles! 

Taos Crave Fashion Combat Boots

For how to protect suede shoes like Dillie, try using a suede brush or toothbrush to gently brush the nap on the exterior. This should remove excess particles and restore your shoes to like new.

Taos Dillie Water Friendly Black Suede Boot

Don’t Forget Your Conditioner

As leather is a natural skin, it is possible that it can dry out after months of wear. So, knowing how to take care of leather boots means keeping the material from hardening and cracking. To do this, apply a leather conditioner using a soft sponge all over the surface of your shoes. 

Our Leather Balsam restores color, fills in scratches, and moisturizes and conditions the leather–everything you need for tired shoes. If your leather boots do get wet, fill them with newspaper to keep their shape, let them dry and then apply the conditioner. By using this balm along with the right leather waterproofing techniques, your boots should make a full recovery. 

Taos Leather Balsam with buffer sponge

Unfortunately, this does not work for suede as it has a different texture. Suede can easily get ruined in the rain, so be sure to use the best suede protector, like a suede spray, and try to avoid getting them wet altogether.

Go Beyond Leather Waterproofing and Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

Knowing how to protect suede shoes and waterproof your leather boots is just one part of the equation to keep your leather footwear in tip-top shape. Preventing and removing odors is another. The inside of a sock stuffed boot can be a dark, damp place in the keep it fresh with a little spritz of Footwear Refresher from time to time. Go ahead and take out your removable footbed and give it a quick clean before spraying the refresher. This should keep your shoes deodorized all winter long!

Whether you’re slipping on stylish canvas Taos Active sneakers like Star or lightweight premium leather lace-up boots like Work It High, make sure you’re using waterproof spray for shoes and following the right protection methods. Think of your shoes like clothes: you wouldn’t wear the same blouse for a week straight without washing and drying it, would you? If there are wrinkles, you iron them; if there are stains you immediately remove them.

Just because your leather boots look hardy doesn’t mean they should be neglected. When it comes to how to protect suede shoes and leather boots, combining the best products with the right techniques will help you maximize their wear. Even taking a small extra step with leather waterproofing before and after wear can help you take a whole lot more steps and extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Taos Footwear Work it High Leather Black Boot