Cute and Functional Shoes to Wear to Amusement Parks

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Cute and Functional Shoes to Wear to Amusement Parks
1 year ago

Amusement parks are a great place to experience a day full of family fun. A day of games, roller coasters, and cotton candy will certainly get everyone smiling. But spending long periods of time at a theme parks definitely requires a lot of stamina.

Running from one ride to the next means there’s a lot of time spent on your feet. You should search for the best shoes to wear to amusement parks in order to keep up your energy and enthusiasm levels throughout the day. Keeping your feet happy with supportive and comfy shoes for an amusement park will keep you and your family smiling all day.

Below are some tips to help you find the best shoes for theme parks that will keep you moving all day. These include finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and made from breathable fabric.

Criteria for the Best Amusement Park Shoes

Finding the best shoes for walking at an amusement park can seem almost impossible. While many shoes may seem ideal for a day at a theme park, most styles will lack some, if not all, of the most important criteria. While it’s tempting to throw on any old pair of flat-soled shoes, you’re likely to end the day in pain.

Look for the following while shopping for a pair of cute shoes you can wear to the amusement park:
The best shoes to wear to an amusement park will first and foremost be comfortable. While shopping, stay away from any styles with a heel and gravitate towards sturdy, flat-soled options. However, it’s important to note that you will not want flats, as they don’t offer any support. Most are too thin and make it feel like you’re almost walking barefoot. When looking for amusement park shoes, you will want a good amount of cushion and padding between you and the ground. This is especially true if the amusement park is mostly pavement, since pavement doesn’t give. The Star sneaker from Taos is a great option for anyone looking for cute shoes you can wear the amusement park. With multiple color options, you can find a pair that will go with any outfit. Featuring a Soft Support footbed, they’re one of the best shoes for walking at an amusement park as they’re guaranteed to keep you comfortable and provide support throughout the day. That means you won’t have to miss out on any attractions in order to rest your soles! Star Grey Wash Canvas
The best amusement park shoes should also be breathable. Since it will most likely be hot on your day at the park, you will want proper ventilation for your feet. Walking around at Disney World in sandals may sound like it will keep your feet cool, but unless they have great support, you will want to avoid them. For sandals with excellent arch support, Trulie is a great option. First, there’s its supportive footbed. Additionally, it has multiple points of adjustability that accommodates a perfect fit throughout the day. These are easily one of the best shoes to wear to an amusement park, and let you look good and feel good all day long. The best shoes for Disney World – and any other theme park – will be breathable and lightweight. Look for those made with knitted fabrics or mesh. These allow air the move through the shoe to keep your foot cool. An added bonus is that if they get wet on a water ride, they will dry very quickly, which makes them one of the best shoes to wear to an amusement park with water. Trulie Relaxing
Finding a pair of comfy shoes for an amusement park that doesn’t weigh you down is important. Similar to the fabrics used in breathable footwear, lightweight shoes will be made with materials that promote air circulation and movement. When looking for lightweight amusement park shoes, you will want to avoid any heavy materials like leather. Any type of big boot will be too heavy to wear all day around the theme park. With step you take, you’ll be carrying extra weight you don’t need. A test you can use to find lightweight shoes to wear to an amusement park is that they will most likely be very flexible. Try twisting them too see how nimble they are. Flexible shoes will also be easy to pack in your suitcase if you’re heading on vacation. The best shoes for a Disney World vacation, for example, will be easy to store. Our New Wave sandals are one of the best shoes for theme parks thanks to their lightweight, flexible design that will keep you comfortable for your whole trip. Additionally, New Wave features water-resistant webbing so they’re water-friendly (feel free to wear them on your favorite water ride!). Lastly, their sticky rubber outsoles are great for stability and traction, and the footbeds are easy to clean. New Wave Light Blue
You also don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Cute shoes you can wear to amusement parks can include trendy sneakers and great slip ons. There are wonderful options for the types of shoes that will keep your feet happy all day and keep you looking great too. Pairs like our Plim Soul sneakers are just one example. These are among the best shoes to wear to an amusement park, as they come in over half a dozen colors colors and include our Curves & Pods® removable footbed with Soft Support. The best shoes for theme parks let you look and feel great as you spend the day focusing only on the fun you’re having. Don’t let your aching feet stop you – find yourself a pair of comfy and cute shoes you can wear to an amusement park using the criteria laid out above. Plim Soul Grey Wash Sneaker