Womens Leather Sneakers

Sleek and Supportive Leather Fashion Sneakers

The perfect time to take your sneaker game up a notch is now. If you’ve never experienced the joy of a pair of leather sneakers, we’d like to suggest you try them asap. Sleeker than canvas, yet still perfect for casual settings, classic women’s leather sneakers look polished and feel comfortable. Leather is naturally breathable and durable, so these fashion sneakers last through many fun-filled seasons of wear.

From leisurely walks through the park to casual Fridays, women’s leather sneakers in low and high tops can make an outfit stand out. They are a fashion-favorite of influencers – including our #TaosAmbassadors. Discover why we love these fashion leather sneakers and how to style them year round!

Comfortable Fashion Sneakers for Women

Leather is naturally a very soft and comfortable material as it stretches and molds to the shape of your foot. Our leather casual shoes are hard-wearing and protective, so you can walk long distances without getting blisters, corns, or other common foot ailments.

Top Features of our Women’s Leather Sneakers

Curves & Pods® Footbeds Give Stylish Fashion Sneakers Extra Comfort and Support

Each of our brown, white, and black leather sneakers come with an ultra-supportive, soft-as-a-cloud removable footbed. Designed with Curves & Pods® technology, these footbeds cushion your every step for long-lasting comfort.

While leather sneakers aren’t typically worn for long hikes, these are some of the best fashion sneakers for any journey thanks to their premium polyurethane footbeds and durable construction. With built-in arch support, pressure felt on the bottom of the foot is evenly distributed so that no one part of the foot is strained too much. For this reason, these comfortable fashion sneakers are also the perfect shoes for fallen arches. Plus, our white, black, and brown leather sneakers have a wide toe box design, which means no squeezing of the toes!

Leather Sneakers for Women That are Made for Long-Lasting Wear

Unlike other more flimsy materials, leather is very strong and our collection of fashion leather sneakers are built to last. These aren’t the kind of shoes that get holes after three wears – they can withstand a lot! Leather is a naturally water resistant material, though we don’t recommend getting them wet on purpose. A good solid spritz of Waterproof Protector Spray before wear will make sure nothing stains your new leather casual shoes.

Let Your Feet Breathe in These Leather Fashion Sneakers

While leather is a thick material, it’s surprisingly breathable! Even though leather fashion sneakers are the perfect transition shoes for winter to spring, they are also very wearable all summer long. Unlike faux leather, real premium leather let’s your feet breathe, releasing heat rather than trapping in sweat. After you have worn them, a quick wipe down of the interior with a Footwear Wipe will eliminate any dirt or odor particles that may have accumulated.

Taking Care of Your Women’s Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers – especially white leather shoes – may look high maintenance, but they’re actually super easy to care for. In addition to a spritz of Waterproof Protector Spray before wear, you should regularly give your black, brown and white leather sneakers a quick polish to keep the leather supple.

You can quickly and easily polish your shoes with our Leather Balsalm – it makes a world of a difference if done routinely. Not only will your fashion sneakers look shiny and new, but they’ll also feel more soft and comfortable as the balsam fills in all the cracks of dry leather to make the material more smooth. Our sustainable shoe care products are completely eco-friendly, so you can refresh your favorite white, black, and brown leather sneakers without harming the environment or yourself with toxic chemicals.