Water Friendly Sandals and Slides

Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or hanging around the pool with friends, you need the right footwear. And in these instances, no pair of shoes is more appropriate than water friendly sandals.

It’s easy to imagine why you might find this type of footwear useful in the warmer months. Of course, when choosing a pair of women’s water friendly shoes, you should keep certain essential points in mind. The information here will help you better understand how to choose the right sandals for your needs, and how we can help with our variety of water friendly sandal and slide designs.

Consider Your Plans When Selecting Women’s Water Friendly Sandals

Different water friendly sandals are suited for different activities. If you’re just looking for something you can slip into while lounging around the pool, water friendly slides are a good choice.

They’re easy to slide right into (as their name suggests) so you can get up and go onto the next summer adventure as soon as possible.

However, you may want something a little more adjustable if your plans are more adventurous. For example, maybe your holiday vacation includes a few hiking opportunities. In this case, an adjustable strap and strong grip is the better choice for women’s water friendly sandals in this case.

In general, water friendly slides and sandals are simply those which are less likely to become damaged than others when exposed to water regularly. However, specific models are better for certain purposes and lifestyles. Keep yours in mind when making a choice.

Know Your Options for Water Friendly Sandals and Slides

It’s important for your sandals to stay in good shape after frequent exposure to water. However, not all materials will. For example, sandals made of leather may crack if they get wet too often.

That’s not the case with our woman’s water friendly sandals. Consider New Wave: This pair features multiple points of adjustability for the ideal fit. You can get these as black water friendly sandals, patterned, or any other of the 7 styles. They have a closed cell antibacterial premium polyurethane footbed with arch and metatarsal support to let your feet breathe and keep you comfortable all day long. Plus, the sticky rubber outsoles help you grip any surfaces you might encounter out there in the water.

New Wave Water-Friendly Sandal


Dynamo is another great option for black water friendly sandals. Like New Wave, they feature adjustable straps made of nylon and water resistant leather. The polyurethane footbed has extra padding and support that molds to your foot. Finally, the rubber soul maintains its grip no matter how wet the ground gets.

Dynamo Water-Friendly Sandals


Looking for water friendly slides? We have those, too. Primo is an easy slip-on thong designed for people who like to spend a lot of time in and around water. We have a range of colors to choose from for this style: Want white water friendly sandals? Multi-colored designs? No matter what your style is, there’s a perfect option for you. Just like our other water friendly sandals, Primo has a closed cell antibacterial premium polyurethane footbed for unrivaled arch and metatarsal support that give these an extra-comfortable edge.

Browse Your Swimwear Wardrobe to Find a Pair of Water Friendly Slides That Match

Taos makes it easy to find the right water friendly slide or sandal for your tastes. Our wide range of color options allows virtually anyone to find a sandal they can be proud to sport at the beach.

You’ll be even more likely to choose the right pair of women’s water friendly sandals for your style if you first take stock of your current swimwear wardrobe. Although a sandal won’t make or break a beach outfit, it can certainly complement it. A pair of white water friendly sandals might not make enough of a statement, while black water friendly sandals could be too basic depending on your wardrobe. Find the right pair by reviewing your swimwear collection first.

Think About Other Activities You Can Do in Water Friendly Sandals

The women’s water friendly sandals we offer at Taos are ideal for both day and night activities. This is something to remember when considering your options.

You can do a lot spending a day at the beach. You might not restrict yourself to a single activity. For example, the day may consist of lounging in the sun, swimming in the ocean, going for a walk along the shore, and grabbing a drink or food with friends later. It’s much easier to bring a single pair of sandals with your for the entire day. At Taos, it’s easy to find a pair of water friendly sandals that will be suitable for all the activities listed here.

Think about what you tend to do when you’re spending time at the beach, around a pool, or in any other situation in which your footwear might be around water. Picking the right water friendly sandals is easier when you think about all the ways they’ll be used beyond just when they make contact with water.

Find Out What Others Have to Say

It never hurts to research how others who’ve already purchased a specific pair of water friendly sandals feel about them. For instance, a customer who purchased our New Wave sandals describes them as “adorable but supportive, comfortable and high quality.” Someone who opted for the Primo says they are “comfortable, hip and offer good support.”

Looking into what other people have to say about a pair helps you determine which is best for your goals. Although all of our women’s water friendly sandals and slides offer a combination of style and comfort, everyone has different preferences and needs.

Luckily, you’ll also find that many people choose to wear our water friendly women’s slides and sandals even when they aren’t spending time around water. They’re so comfortable they make for great footwear in a wide variety of situations. Some people wear them all day, (almost) every day!

It’s easy to see why once you try on your first pair. If you’re looking for stylish sandals that can stand up to water, Taos has exactly what you need.