Stylish Tall Boots For Women

Short booties are perfect for everyday wear, but when you want your boots to really stand out, a pair of tall boots are your go-to. Always a classic choice, tall boot styles include everything from combat boots to cowboy-inspired boots, tall winter boots, rain boots, and sleek over the knee boots. Though there are endless variations, tall boot styles have been around a long time and they aren’t going anywhere soon!

There are a lot of considerations when deciding on your ideal pair of tall boots. They should be supportive, comfortable, and made of a long-lasting, durable material. You should be able to wear a good pair of boots all day long, even if you spend most of it standing up. This guide explores all of these considerations in depth to help you choose the perfect pair of tall boots for women.

Top Features to Consider in Tall Boots

Style: Sleek or Rugged?

The first thing you will notice about a pair of boots is the style. If you don’t find them attractive, then of course they are not the right boots for you. Narrow your search to the features and styles you like the most and then try them on from there to find the right fit. 

Ask yourself, do you prefer a more sleek, or a more rugged look? If you answered sleek, then you can’t go wrong with a timeless pair of polished black tall boots. On the other hand, if you live in a city and like a more urban style, then a pair of tall combat boots like Tall Crave are for you. Structured, yet edgy, Tall Crave are designed to suit your city lifestyle.


The materials your boots are made from will make a huge difference in how long they last, how they feel, and the overall quality. In general, it is preferable to choose natural leather or suede boots if you are looking for long-lasting durability and quality. Leather in particular doesn’t show a lot of wear-and-tear and is unlikely to develop holes. It is also relatively breathable, as is suede in comparison to synthetic alternatives.

Adjustability: Laces, Zippers, Buckles

Adjustability is very important when it comes to shoes, especially if you have any specific foot problems. You don’t want your tall leather boots to be too loose and therefore, not supportive, or too tight, which could squeeze your feet and cause pain. Without actually having a custom pair of shoes made for you, you can get a custom fit by purchasing boots with adjustable features. 

Boots with laces will be the most adjustable as you can make them tighter or looser to your preference. Lace up tall boots like Work It High can be adjusted to your liking and worn tied in a bow or with the laces tucked in. A buckle, like the one on the back of the ankle of Tall Crave can also provide a more targeted size adjustment. Of course, zippers are great for easy on-and-off when you are getting dressed quickly and don’t want to worry about lacing up your boots.

Cushioning and Support

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few styles with features you love, it’s time to try on your boots! Finding boots with the right amount of comfort and support for your feet is no doubt a challenge. If you have any foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, or an injury, it is particularly important that you have shoes that will cushion your feet and help them heal. 

Taos tall boots all come with a removable supportive footbed that will mould to your arches and alleviate the strain of walking. However, if you need more support from an insole, you can switch out the Taos insoles for your own custom orthotic insoles that you purchase from a podiatrist.


Before you make the final decision on any pair of shoes, ask yourself the question: Will I wear these at least 50 times? If the answer is no, they are probably not worth the investment. By choosing shoes that you can wear frequently with all kinds of outfits, you will not only enjoy them more, but will also reduce the amount of waste that occurs when you overbuy and throw away shoes. Each year, around 92 million tonnes of textiles are thrown around the world -- don’t be a part of that statistic. The longer you keep your boots, shoes, and clothes, the less you are contributing to that waste!

How to Style Tall Boots

There are endless ways to wear tall boots with everything in your wardrobe, from snuggly sweaters and black leggings to summer floral dresses. Wear a pair of brown tall boots like Smoke Rugged Tall Crave over your jeans to make them stand out, or tuck them underneath for a more subtle style. 

Lately, it has been on trend to wear a tall boots outfit with bare legs, which is the perfect transition style for spring. Whether you’re wearing a mini or midi skirt, or a pair of shorts, you’ll find that women’s tall boots, like Work it High will stand out from the crowd!