Comfortable & Supportive Sneaker Boots for Stylish Women

A sneaker or a boot? Why settle for one when you can have both? Taos sneaker boots combine all the sleekness of a boot with the performance power and durability of a sneaker. Truly versatile and made for all types of terrain, you can hike in Taos sneaker boots or wear them to a casual event. They are the perfect solution for keeping your feet warm in the winter without sacrificing the athletic style and comfort of the sneakers you love.

Sneaker Boots: A Blend of Style and Form

First things first, what is a sneaker boot? We see them as tall sneakers with the silhouette of a boot, much like a high top. Sneaker boots are designed to protect more of your foot than a regular sneaker, without weighing you down with a chunky heel or thick materials. You can even wear them running or hiking as the lightweight boot is supportive and comfortable.

Sneaker boots can be styled with almost any outfit, from weekend athleisure to a more dressed up look for a night on the town. A sleek black pair of Winner sneaker boots goes perfectly with a pair of black jeans and a blazer. You could also wear them with a black dress for an edgy nighttime outfit.

3 Sneaker Boot Features You’ll Love

There are endless reasons to love sneaker boots. Slip on a pair for yourself and you’ll instantly enjoy the following features.

1. Customizable Fit with Laces and Zippers

Taos sneaker boots, like Startup, are made with both laces and a zipper. This way, you can adjust your laces once to fit your foot and then leave them and use the zipper for easy on-and-off on a day-to-day basis. You should never feel like your foot is squeezed by your shoe, and the customizable features of sneaker boots allow you to be in control of the fit.

2. Customizable Fit with Laces and Zippers

While boots aren’t always known for their durability and ease, sneakers are. We’re pleased to say that the best sneaker boots function in the same way sneakers do. They’re made with a durable rubber outsole that will last a long time and are easy to clean with wipes. These flexible waterproof outsoles can tackle city concrete, country dirt roads, or slushy sidewalks with excellent traction. The no-slip grip means you don’t have to worry about sliding in the winter weather. They are the perfect snow sneakers!

3. Double Padded Collar

Besides adding major style to your kicks, the double padded collar on Taos sneaker booties like Union provides cushioning around your ankle. A lot of boots rub that sensitive part of the foot, causing you to have to wear thick socks to protect your ankles. These, on the other hand, are soft and warm, keeping your feet protected and cozy in colder weather. If you like the look of a knit padded collar, then Startup winter sneaker boots are your go-to choice.

Taos Union Lace and Zip Up Leather Hi Top Sneakers

How Taos Sneaker Boots Support Aching Feet

If you experience tired, achy feet by the end of a day of standing, we hear you! Taos sneaker boots are going to change all that for good. Like all Taos shoes, sneaker boots are designed for maximum comfort and support so that you can take care of your feet everyday.

Each pair of sneaker boots comes with a removable Curves & Pods® footbed that will hug your arches, cushion the ball of the foot, and cradle your heel. By wearing these footbeds daily, you’ll find they make a huge difference in reducing foot strain. If you have custom orthotics, you can always switch out the Taos insoles for your own.

Some common foot problems that sneaker boots can help with include:

-Plantar fasciitis





-Heel spurs



Make a Statement in Taos Sneaker Boots

Wondering which pair is right for you? Our Union sneaker boot is ideal for city dwellers who love a laid-back, distressed look to their shoes. If you prefer a sleeker style, opt for a pair of shiny leather Winner platform sneaker boots with a thick, wide base for extra cushioning. We see Startup as the in-between choice, a casual style that is clean-cut and ready for business.

Taos Winner Lace and Zip Up Leather Sneakers

Simply put, Taos sneaker boots have that something special. They stand out without being over the top. From the beautiful leather and suede materials to the smallest details like decorative stitching, these high-top sneaker boots are a labor of love and you can see the handiwork that has gone into every pair.