Leather Sandals | Cork Sole & Arch Support

Sustainable and Comfortable Leather Sandals With Cork Support

The right pair of leather sandals for women isn’t merely stylish. They should also provide your sole and arch with the necessary support. Luckily, here at Taos we offer comfortable leather sandals that fulfill both those requirements (and so much more)!

That’s because, along with emphasizing visual appeal when designing our soft leather sandals, we also use a cork footbed. The result? What may be the most comfortable walking sandals you’ll ever find.

Additionally, our feet-friendly leather walking sandals come in a variety of styles, ensuring you’ll find a pair that appeals to your taste. However, before we explore your options, it’s important to touch on a few reasons a cork footbed is so beneficial.

Ladies Leather Sandals: How a Cork Footbed Ensures Maximum Comfort

Compared to other materials, cork is pretty elastic. So, when you step into ladies' leather sandals with a cork footbed, the cork also absorbs impacts very well. After all, if you’re in the market for comfortable leather walking sandals, odds are good you’re going to, well, walk in them. You need to know they’ll protect your feet from wear and tear over long distances.

Whether you get flat leather sandals or ones with a wedge, as long as they have a cork footbed, staying supported and comfortable as you walk isn’t an issue.

Other Benefits of Soft Leather Sandals With a Cork Footbed: Breathable and Sustainable

Did you know that leather sandals with cork footbeds are less likely to develop moisture than many others? That means you can wear them for a long period of time without having to worry about embarrassing odors.

Cork is also one of the most sustainable footbed materials in the world. That’s because cork is harvested from the bark of trees, which naturally grows back. So, it’s natural and renewable. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of leather slides, slip-ons, or wedges, and you want to minimize your impact on the environment, sandals with cork footbeds are an ideal choice.

Our Comfortable Leather Sandal Styles for Women

Trulie: Leather Slip-On and Strap Sandals

With a Spanish Touch

Again, a comfortable cork footbed isn’t the only reason you’ll love our soft leather sandals. Their unique and classy design qualities are also very appealing. For example, our Trulie collection of leather strap sandals and slides has Spanish heritage that inspired the stylish touches, distinguishing it from other collections. When it comes to comfort, these braided leather sandals get extra help by lining the cork, contoured footbed with suede.

Looking for red leather sandals? Brown? With color options that include stone, dark grey, navy, black, camel, bronze, and cantaloupe, you’ll have no trouble finding a pair in this collection that appeals to your sense of style.

Standouts like Trulie and Universe styles are definitely ones to keep in mind. Trulie are braided leather sandals that feature both a leather and woven upper. Featuring the ever-supportive and lightweight cork footbed, you can always count on these when it comes to comfort. Universe are leather strap sandals that are constructed entirely from premium leather. Like Trulie, they have that sustainable and soft, suede-covered cork footbed. And, like Trulie, they come in a wide variety of colors for those seeking everything from tan leather sandals to a black pair. Whether you opt for the woven look or full leather, both of these are great options for women seeking stylish, versatile, and supportive flat leather sandals.

Consider the Trulie collection if you’re looking for lightweight, leather woven sandals that are ideal for everything from a day out with friends to a vacation tour.



Our Wedge Collection all starts with a team of artisans in Portugal. They hand-stir a recipe of cork and latex, adding the compound to a mold once they’ve achieved the perfect consistency. This results in leather wedge sandals that are more comfortable than any you’ve experienced before.

If you’re looking for comfortable sandals that don’t sacrifice style yet also avoid high heel pain, look no further. The low wedge on these leather platform sandals adds a touch of elegance while ensuring your feet have the support they need.

Pairs like Sheila 2 and Carousel 3 are sure to be your favorite leather wedge sandals! In colors like yellow, stone, and black, these leather sandals for women are endlessly versatile and easy to wear. Sheila has a smooth leather construction with a contoured cook footbed that makes every step feel supported. Carousel 3 shares the ultra-comfortable footbed and features crafted medallion hardware for a chic touch. 

It’s also worth noting that the straps on every pair of leather sandals in this collection are fully adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your feet.


The Luckie Collection consists of Lola (available in steel color) and Magnificent (available in cognac, stone, and steel) leather thong sandals, Luvie (available as black leather slide sandals, tan, and steel), and, of course, Luckie (available in black, tan, bruschetta, taupe, graphite, and amber multi) leather slides. Each boasts a supportive footbed similar to what you would find in the Carousel collection. However, with a lower profile, these are great for bringing along on a trip where you plan on doing a lot of walking.


These leather slide sandals and thongs are made in Portugal, giving them a distinctly European style that’s timeless and chic. So, though they’re flat, the fine craftsmanship and fine details make this a shoe that can easily dress up or down. Plus, they are fully adjustable via hook and loop straps so you can customize your fit and ensure they’re the most comfortable leather sandals for your feet.

Cork Support

Welcome to one of our newest collections! As the name implies, the leather slide sandals, thong, and strap pairs in the Cork Support Collection have been designed for maximum comfort. This is in part thanks to the suede-lined cork footbed it shares with the sandals in the previously mentioned collections.

Looking for the perfect black leather women’s sandals? Consider Perfect, which offers exceptional arch and metatarsal support. If you prefer dark blue, teal, true red, rustic pink, espresso, stone, yellow, white, or tan leather sandals, Perfect is available in those colors as well.

Want a pair of versatile grey or black leather slide sandals? If so, you may love Grand Z. Subtle hardware and rich burnished leather set this style apart.

Another option to keep in mind if you want leather slides is Zone. The unique toe loop is a stylish touch, while the adjustable strap ensures a stable and comfortable fit.

For women's leather sandals with a unique artisanal touch, give Braidie a try! Burnished leather and decorative braids elevate these leather slip-on sandals without ever sacrificing comfort.

Enjoy the Best Blend of Comfort & Style in Women’s Leather Sandals

You shouldn’t have to choose between looking your best and feeling your best. Luckily, thanks to these soft leather sandals, you don’t have to. Regardless of which collection you choose from, you’ll get gorgeous leather sandals you can walk in for hours, staying exceptionally comfortable the entire time!