Comfortable Cork Wedge Sandals

Sustainable Cork Footbed Sandals

Womens cork wedge sandals are ideal for everything from a day at the beach to a summer walk through the city. The wedge provides just enough elevation to keep sand and other irritants away from your feet, while the cork/rubber footbed provides the support you need to stay comfortable for hours. On top of that, cork is a sustainable material, so you can buy the perfect pair of sandals while also helping protect the environment.

These are a just a few reasons we’re excited to offer the Carousel and Trulie sustainable shoe collections. These comfortable cork wedge sandals combine a variety of attractive features that make them a perfect addition to your shoe collection.

When you choose our cork footbed shoes, you get a durable but lightweight sandal that’s easy to pack on vacation, strong enough to stay in great shape for years, and stylish enough to complement plenty of outfits in your wardrobe.

Shoes with a cork footbed offer many benefits you can’t get from other materials. Comfort is one of the main advantages a cork footbed provides.

Shoes With a Cork Footbed Flex to Fit Your Foot

One of the reasons designers use cork for shoes is because it can essentially mold to the shape of your foot. That’s how cork heel wedge sandals manage to offer the perfect mix of comfort, style, and support.

Our suede, soft-to-the-touch footbed lining adds additional comfort to our cork platform wedge sandals. Additional features such as arch and metatarsal support ensure a day spent in heels is not a day spent in pain.

The Cork Used for Shoes Absorbs Impact

Cork for shoes works this way because it’s a relatively elastic material. Our comfortable cork wedge sandals in both our Trulie and Wedge Collections retain their shape when not in use. They also compact into a more comfortable shape for your foot when you slip into them.

That means women's cork wedge sandals also protect your feet and ankles from discomfort and/or injury if you need to walk around a city for an entire day. The elasticity of cork bottom wedge sandals prevents the force of impact from traveling as far up your foot and ankle as it might if you were wearing other shoes.

Cork Soled Shoes are Breathable

Additionally, you can wear cork sole wedge sandals all day without having to worry about embarrassing foot odors. Essentially, shoes with a cork footbed are less likely to develop moisture than other options. This makes them particularly useful if you need something you can wear for a long period of time.

Packing breathable shoes is also of the utmost importance when you’re going on vacation. After all, you may not know for sure whether you’ll be spending time in moist environments. A pair of strappy cork wedge sandals are breathable enough to keep your feet comfortable and odor-free no matter where you find yourself. Plus, they look great in any destination.

Why Cork is an Ethical Material Choice

You want to look stylish in a pair of ladies' cork wedge sandals. That’s to be expected. However, you might also want to be sure you’re doing your part to buy shoes that are good for the environment. It’s becoming increasingly clear that every purchase you make has an impact on the world. Looking for products made with sustainable materials is just one way you can help.

Luckily, if you’re looking for sustainable shoes, our low heel cork wedge sandals are a great pick.

Cork is harvested from trees. That makes it a natural and renewable material. Additionally, the cork that’s harvested for shoes may also be used in a wide range of other products. This ensures a key resource isn’t wasted.

In fact, the process of harvesting cork from trees typically doesn’t even involve full tree removal; cork is merely harvested from the bark. As a result, the tree itself may continue to thrive. It’s difficult to find another shoe material that offers this degree of sustainability. If you’re the kind of person who cares about our natural resources, our cork soled shoes are a perfect fit.

Cork Wedge Sandals for Any Style

Practical benefits are important, but they’re not the only qualities you might look for when you need new low cork wedge sandals. You also want to be certain you’re wearing a pair that matches your personal style.

Luckily, we make that easy. Are you looking for black cork wedge sandals? Strappy cork wedge sandals? What about the heel size? Do you want a low heel cork wedge sandal to keep you comfortable during a long day of walking, or something a little taller for a more elegant experience?

The Trulie Collection of Cork Wedge Sandals

In the Trulie Collection, our cork footbed sandals also boast a lightweight rubberlon outsole and Spanish design. While enhancing the look and style of the shoe, the cork for these shoes provides additional traction.

Trulie Footbed Collection

Each pair in the Trulie Collection is made in Spain with premium materials and Mediterranean style. The lightweight, contour cork footbed is lined in suede for the ultimate in comfort, breathability, and support.

Trulie Cork Sandals in Stone

Also, there are so many options for colors and designs within the Trulie Collection. Whether you want black, red, brown cork wedge sandals or another color in a unique design, there’s a perfect style for you. Thanks to the timeless Spanish design, you can be sure no matter which you choose, these low heel cork wedge sandals will look great.

Our Wedge Collection of cork platform wedge sandals is the Portuguese counterpart to the Spanish Trulie. They feature the similar appeal of a cork footbed with a design twist.

Carousel Collection Footbed Construction

These Portuguese-made womens cork wedge sandals feature premium leather and are often finished with metallic embellishments for a touch of flair. They include our signature flexible cork footbed that’s padded and lined in suede for long-lasting comfort.

Carousel Sandals Black

There are many options within the Wedge Collection that have a higher wedge and more formal design for occasions where dressing up may be necessary. With designs ranging from white cork wedge sandals to strappy options to ones with medallion embellishments, you can find the look that suits the occasion perfectly. Keep in mind, though, that these comfortable cork wedge sandals from Portugal are both supportive and versatile enough to dress up or down with almost any outfit. No matter what type of cork wedge sandal you’re looking for, we have the right pair for your aesthetic. They won’t just keep you comfortable - they’ll also keep you looking your best whenever you wear them. Browse our selection of women’s cork wedge sandals to find the pair that’s the right fit for your foot and style.