Cork Footbed Sandals | Excellent Arch Support

Cork Footbed Sandals With Metatarsal and Arch Support

Taos offers a wide range of cork footbed sandals for ultimate foot support. Cork sole walking sandals with arch support ensure you look and feel your best regardless of where your day takes you!

We carefully select our materials when designing shoes, sandals, boots, and more. We want our footwear to be stylish without sacrificing practicality and comfort. That’s why we chose cork beds for this collection of sandals with arch support. A cork footbed is ideal for sandals due to a variety of reasons. First of all, unlike other more rigid materials, one of the benefits of cork for arch support sandals is that they can basically mold to the shape of your feet. Additionally, because it’s elastic, cork bottom sandals absorb the shock of impact when you’re walking. This results in a degree of metatarsal and arch support that other footbeds simply can’t provide. That said, cork insoles are still durable, keeping your footwear in good condition for a long time.

It’s also worth noting that a cork footbed is sustainable. This is due to the fact that cork is harvested from trees in a manner similar to how many fruits are harvested. That means the trees will continue to produce the bark used to make cork walking sandals with arch support over the course of their lifetime. If you’re always looking for ways you can help protect the environment, opting for shoes with a cork footbed is a simple but effective decision. It helps when those shoes are the best sandals for arch support, too!

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Cork Support Footbed