Comfortable Leather Boots for Women

Finding Comfortable Leather Boots for Women

The right leather boots can perfectly complement your favorite outfit. However, leather boots shouldn’t merely be fashionable. They should also be comfortable and supportive.

This is exactly what we aim for here at Taos. If you’ve been searching far and wide for the most comfortable boots available, your search is over!

The fashion appeal of stylish leather boots is easy to understand. Unfortunately, some believe it’s impossible to find comfortable boots for women. This may be particularly true when you struggle with conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the name of style when choosing leather boots.

For instance, maybe you’re looking for combat boots you can wear all day while walking through a city without your feet starting to hurt. If so, we offer the Crave. This boot doesn't just look impressive. Its faux fur lining, adjustable rear buckle, and removable footbed make the Crave ideal when you need a pair of boots for plantar fasciitis that suits your style.

Taos Crave Combat Fashion Boot in Black


Or, maybe you tend to be more drawn to rustic-looking boots and garments. In this case, you may prefer the Cutie. These women's casual boots offer the same support as the Crave. The Dillie is another option to keep in mind if your fashion sense is a little less urban, and more outdoorsy.

Taos Dillie Suede Block Heeled Ankle Boots

Taos Future Mid Suede Bootie Lined with Faux Fur

The Future Mid also a perfect women's boot when you need something that will keep your feet warm in cold weather. This suede boot is as comfortable as all our popular leather boots, and it features a sweater top, making it one of the (as you probably guessed!) coziest boots you’ll ever wear.

Taos also offers stylish and comfortable ankle boots. For example, the Double Time sports a classic look with a removable footbed. If you’re in the market for a new pair of arch support boots, you’ll love it.

Taos Double Time Leather Side Zip Chelsea Boots

Taos Cutie Combat Fashion Boot in Golden Tan

How to Find the Best Leather Boots for Women

When you need quality leather shoes or boots for women that both look great and feel great, it’s important to seek out boots and shoes with certain essential qualities.

A removable footbed is one of those qualities. The removable footbeds our leather shoes at Taos feature are designed specifically to offer the support you need. Whether you’re seeking out a plantar fasciitis walking boot, or you’d simply like to be more comfortable while on your feet throughout the day, our boots are perfect.

That said, you also want to know that your boots will last a long time. The fact that they’re comfortable doesn’t make them worth the money if you need to replace them much earlier than expected.

That’s not something you need to worry about when you choose a pair of Taos leather boots for women. All our boots, from our womens casual boots to our stylish and chic offerings, are made with high-quality materials for maximum durability.

Of course, it’s also important to consider the settings in which you’ll be most likely to wear our boots. For example, maybe you spend a lot of time outdoors, whether for work, for play, or both. If so, the rugged Boot Camp may be the right fit for you or try Work It High.

Taos Footwear Boot Camp Combat Fashion Boot in Black Rugged Color

If you’re like many women, odds are good you’ll need different pairs of boots for different settings. You might need one pair of supportive boots for work or a casual pair of women's boots for running errands.

We offer all these and more at Taos. Best of all, regardless of which leather boots you buy, you can be certain that they’ll all offer the right balance of support and sophistication.

Taos Work It High Combat Fashion Boot in Black

The Importance of Wearing Comfortable Boots for Women

You might not think you need to prioritize looking for boots that fit perfectly and offer arch support if you don’t have a condition such as plantar fasciitis.

That’s an understandable assumption to make. However, even if you don’t currently struggle with such conditions, it’s still crucial to wear boots that are comfortable. Quite simply, many people develop painful foot conditions as a direct result of choosing the wrong footwear. By always choosing to wear comfortable boots now, you’ll minimize your chances of ever developing such conditions in the first place.

Fortunately, finding the right pair of comfortable and stylish leather boots for women can be much easier than you think. Regardless of your fashion sense, we at Taos have the perfect pair for your needs and goals.

We also offer many other types of comfortable footwear! Browse our catalog to ensure all your shoes, sandals, and boots are as supportive as can be.

Taos Crave Combat Fashion Boot in Black