Comfortable Ankle Boots For Women

Comfortable Ankle Boots For Women

There are endless boots out there to choose from, but every closet needs at least one pair of ankle boots! From lace-up combat boots to faux fur-lined winter boots, Taos’ collection of comfortable ankle boots for women is made from high-quality materials with artisan details. Get prepped and ready for adventure in these all-rounder ankle boots, which are designed with support no matter where you’re headed. Find the perfect pair and wear them for years!

Taos’ collection of premium leather and suede ankle boots features a variety of styles to match your personality and navigate your surroundings. On days when you’re pounding the pavements in a big city, a pair of Crave combat boots will protect your feet and look cute to boot. For wintry days when you’re venturing out into the snow, make sure your feet stay warm and cozy in Crave, which features a faux-fur lining for extra insulation.

Taos Crave Lace + Zip Up Leather Ankle Boots

Above all else, Taos booties are made for comfort. If your feet aren’t happy, neither are you. Don’t be held back by women's booties that squeeze your toes or make your plantar fasciitis worse -- try a pair of Taos boots and experience true, easy comfort with a Curves & Pods® polyurethane removable footbed with Soft Support. These footbeds are designed using innovative technology that supports every part of your foot equally. The flexible insole will conform to your arch and cushion the ball of the foot and heel so that your feet won’t be as tired at the end of a long day. If you prefer, you can also remove the footbed and exchange it for a custom orthotic.

In addition to the footbed, you’ll find the high-quality materials of our ankle boots for women to be supremely soft and comfortable, without sacrificing durability. Slide your sock feet into smooth, supple suede boots like Dillie and you’ll never want to take them off. These go-getters are ideal for any occasion as the classic style pairs well with any outfit. Unlike other boots out there, no abrasive edges, pointy toes, or hard plastics will ever irritate your sensitive feet in Taos boots.

Taos Dillie Suede Block Heeled Ankle Boots

With our women’s ankle boots, you’ll find that the construction is perfect for women with:

Plantar Fasciitis





Ingrown Toenails

Heel Spurs


Of course, if you need a looser fit, there are several styles with adjustable features built in. Whether you have naturally wide feet or suffer from foot pain or an injury, you might like to create more room in the boot. Lace-up styles like Work It High allow you to do this while having a side zipper for easy on and off convenience. 

Taos Work It High Lace and Zip Up Combat Boots

You deserve boots that can stand up to the elements, from the ice and snow of winter to the grass and mud of summer. While soft and comfortable, our women’s ankle boots are made to roam with a durable rubber outsole that won’t quickly show signs of wear and tear. The non-skid tread on every pair of boots provides grip to keep you grounded come rain or shine.

Some days call for a more formal tall boots outfit, but for everything else, you can grab your trusty leather ankle boots and hit the town. The beauty of Taos boots is their versatility -- they can be worn with almost anything! For example, a pair of sophisticated black ankle boots like the aforementioned Crave look effortless with jeans and a flannel, or you can dress them up with a sweater dress and black tights. For weekends of relaxing, lace-up brown ankle boots like Boot Camp with your favorite pair of jeans.

Taos Boot Camp Lace and Zip Up Leather Ankle Boots

Craftsmanship is at the heart of every pair of Taos ankle booties, with artisan details that make your shoes stand out from the crowd. From metal studs to decorative stitching, it’s the little things that matter most. Taos booties for women are made in Portugal using carefully honed techniques to produce wow-worthy shoes that combine sophistication, style, and comfort. For work or play, you can’t beat the timeless appeal of Taos ankle boots.