The Best Combat Boots For Women

With all-weather durability, a thick lug sole and plenty of style, combat boots are a closet staple for many women. Tall enough to keep your ankles warm in cold weather, and even better if they’re lined in faux fur, leather combat boots can trek through snowy streets or be worn with long dresses come spring. They add an instant cool factor to every outfit, from jeans to loungewear, so styling these trendy boots is always fun.

When you’re on the hunt for that perfect pair of combat boots for women, remember that a high-quality pair of heeled combat boots should last you forever. Boots can be an investment, but if they are made of quality materials like leather or suede, you will get years of usage out of them. One pair of Taos combat boots women love is Crave, because they are made using high-quality leather along with durable materials like a rubber sole that won’t slip on icy sidewalks. If you take care of these lace up booties, you’ll extend their life and be able to wear them for a long time.

1. Adjustability

Most combat boots will be lace-up as the style dictates, so you’ll always have some amount of adjustability. You can loosen the laces if you like a looser fit or are wearing pants that you tuck into the boots, or you can tighten the laces if you have more narrow ankles or are wearing socks alone. Some versions of combat boots, however, like our Crave boots also feature a buckle that can be adjusted to help the boot fit perfectly. Crave even has an inside zipper to allow you to take your boots on and off quickly! These extra features for adjustability will make you feel more comfortable when you’re walking or standing all day in your boots.

2. Comfort

It goes without saying that your boots should be 100% comfortable. With all the activities you plan to do in your combat boots, it’s not worth it to wear shoes that cause you pain. Whether you’re going on a long hike or meeting a friend for lunch, you want your boots to cushion your step, not make life more difficult.

Taos combat boots come with removable footbeds that are designed for excellent arch and metatarsal support. If that’s not enough, you can always switch them out for custom insoles that you can have made with the help of a podiatrist.

3. Height of Shaft

Before choosing from a range of women’s combat boots, consider what you think you’ll wear them with the most and where you’ll be wearing them. With this in mind, you can make a selection of how tall you would like the shaft of the boot to be. Traditional combat boots will at least cover your ankles, but there are also options for taller boots like Tall Crave that have a 10 ½ inch shaft to keep more of your legs warm. The taller the boot shaft, the edgier the combat boot will look.

4. Lining

If you’re looking for a cold weather combat boot, you can’t beat one that has a soft faux fur lining! Cutie will keep your toes warm on the coldest nights so you don’t have to wear three pairs of wool socks. The faux fur collar will keep your ankles warm as well, plus it adds the perfect cozy look to the shoe.

5. Style

Finally, consider the extra details that make your combat boots unique. The combat boot style is classic and easy to wear, but we’ve gone a step further with ours. We put extra care into the design of our boots so that you can feel as good about how they look as your feet do about wearing them. Urban hardware, decorative stitching, and distinctive leather finishes make Taos combat boots stand out from the crowd. The variation in materials for each style of boot gives you options if you’re looking for a more relaxed or polished feel. For example, Boot Camp in black leather has a sophisticated vibe, while the same boot in black rugged is more casual. You can wear either pair of black combat boots almost anywhere, so it’s up to personal preference on the finish.

How Combat Boots Help Common Foot Problems

If you suffer from any common foot problems, Taos boots can help alleviate the pressure and get you back on your feet. Made with roomy toe-boxes that don’t pinch or cause bunions, these are some of the most comfortable lace up boots you’ll ever own. The adjustable details make it easier to achieve a nearly custom fit, which is enhanced by the usage of Taos premium footbeds. Common foot problems that can be helped by Taos boots include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuropathy, ingrown toenails, and corns, among others.


Why Combat Boots Are the Best Boot for Winter

With the possibility of snow, ice, and salt on the roads, winter is a tough season for footwear. You need boots that will not only withstand the elements, but also be comfortable and safe as you navigate slushy streets. Taos leather combat boots protect your feet without sacrificing style -- you can wear them almost anywhere and dress them up or down to your liking. There’s something to be said for having an arsenal of different styles of boots, but if you can only pick one, go with the trusty combat boot!