Footbed Sandals

With cork footbed sandals, formed to every part of your foot, you have a base that allows equal pressure on all points. Taos footbed sandals offer excellent arch, metatarsal, and heel support with their cork footbed as a base. For people suffering from common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, or simply tiredness after a long day of walking, our springy padded sandals provide a soft, shock-absorbent cushioning to every step. 

Try slip-on cork footbed sandals to relieve the pain from bunions or corns, or add a bit of extra height with our wedge padded sandals that still offer metatarsal support. Our footbed sandals for women are crafted with premium European padding, making them lightweight, durable, and luxurious. 

For a party-ready look or simply for taking a stroll, our footbed sandals accommodate your feet like no other, without sacrificing style. Designed in earthy tones that range from tan to cognac, geometric prints, and many shades in between, our cork footbed sandals feature European-inspired designs in luxurious suedes and leather linings that will trick your feet into thinking you’re walking on the clouds.