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8 Reasons Why #TaosAmbassadors Love Our Canvas Sneakers

Here at Taos, we pride ourselves on incredibly comfortable footwear that will take you everywhere. We’re talking from the airport to the top of a mountain to the beach. Wherever your life adventures lead you, our specially designed footbeds alleviate tension on the body so that you stay pain-free all day long, even on those days where you don’t have a moment to sit down.

The latest #taosactive19 campaign put our classic canvas sneakers to the test. Our #TaosAmbassador program gave a pair of our comfortable canvas footwear to a selected group of women that were actively interested in collaborating and sharing their love of Taos on Instagram. These brand ambassadors gave the sneakers a spin, offering their trusted opinions on the hot pick footwear item of the summer.

The verdict? These easy-going sneakers go with absolutely everything, making them a travel must-have! Read on for 8 more reasons our social media brand ambassadors are raving about our relaxed, supportive canvas sneakers.

1) Lace Up Adjustability

The premium removable footbed in each sneaker allows full lace up adjustability and support that you can take out when need be. It has been carefully designed to deliver ultimate arch and metatarsal support unlike most other insoles on the market.

taos plim soul

While these may look like classic canvas sneakers, they are filled with high tech surprises on the inside that our #TaosAmbassadors love!

2) Two Words: Curves & Pods®

The curve of the Curves & Pods® footbed that’s found in every pair of our Active collection hug the contours of your foot, which reduces fatigue by alleviating pressure on the ball of the foot. They help you stand up tall, providing extra balance and stability in the heel so that your posture and stride immediately improves.

taos star sneakers

The Pods on the bottom of the footbed provide a field of firm, shock absorbent elements for superior cushioning in every step. As our Instagram ambassadors like to point out, wearing a pair with these footbeds is like walking on a cloud.

3) Say goodbye to foot odor

Let’s face it: Hot weather usually means our feet our sweaty. And where there’s sweat, there’s often odor. Luckily, the footbed lining in our sneakers is treated with an antimicrobial shield for lasting protection against odor, staining, and deterioration so that your shoes stay fresh.

taos moc star

Plus, because the footbed is removable, you can wash it easily by hand. Depending on the color, you may be able to wash the sneakers in the washing machine. We also recently introduced an eco-friendly footwear refresher and footwear wipes to make it even easier to feel refreshed all day long. The odor-free, carefree nature of our canvas shoes is just one of the many reasons our sneaker brand ambassadors love Taos!

4) Fit to You

No more worrying about the backs of your shoes sliding off your heels. Our Taos brand ambassadors love our lace-up sneakers because they give you complete control over how your shoes should fit and how tight you want them to be. The perfect adjustability offers the ability to accommodate the foot throughout the day for a secure and custom fit.

taos plim soul sneakers
5) Take on Any Terrain

Each pair of canvas sneakers features a flexible, durable rubber outsole that moves with the shape of your foot while protecting you completely from the elements. For lasting comfort and traction in every step, the outsole has been designed with your many adventures in mind.

Plim Soul White Sneakers
6) Choices, Choices, Choices!

Our classic canvas sneakers are available in a variety of styles, colors, widths and sizes. Each social media brand ambassador found their favorite pair, and yours is awaiting you, too! Whether you want traditional white or patterned with peace signs, distressed or trimmed with leather, there's a Taos sneaker for every woman!

taos star

7) Free shipping on all orders. Need we say more?

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a loyal customer, a fashion brand ambassador on Instagram, or a first-time Taos shopper, all of our pairs ship for free. There’s no fine print here: Just the most comfortable shoes delivered free to your door.

taos plim soul
8) Stylish Wherever You Are

Another reason our Taos product ambassadors love your brand? Our sneakers are a fresh take on classic canvas silhouettes. They look effortlessly cool while providing exceptional comfort and support from the inside out. Made for all-day wear, they’re an excellent option for traveling and being on your feet throughout the day!

Support your active lifestyle with footwear that supports you. Our Taos classic canvas sneakers are #TaosAmbassador approved for style, foot protection, and above all, comfort. Join our next campaign by signing up to be a Taos brand ambassador today, and show us where you travel in your Taos sneakers!