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What are 3 Features of the Most Comfortable Walking Sandal?

Spring has arrived, bringing warm weather and the promise of summer with it. As we phase out our winter wardrobe and bring out our favorite warm weather pieces, clunky winter boots are some of the first items to go into storage. It’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors with things like barbecues and beach trips.

All these warm weather activities mean it’s time to think about warm weather shoes. But, you don’t want to buy the first pair of sandals you see. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting summer shoes can lead to blisters, calluses, back pain, and more. In order to get the most out of your spring and summer shoes, look for these three features that go into making the best walking sandals for women. 

The Most Supportive Sandals Have Built-In Arch Support

Many sandals can be too flexible and flimsy, leaving them with little to no arch support. A lack of arch support can lead to foot pain and other long term issues. Comfortable sandals for walking all day will be ones with sturdy and supportive arches, as these are essential to maintaining positive foot health. 

Look for sandals with arch support for walking built right in the design to keep your feet happy during those long summer days. Options like Genie are comfortable, stylish sandals with amazing support from the Taos Soft Support™ premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam™. You can count on these to keep your feet well-cushioned and cool from day to night in the warmer months. 

Taos Genie Sandal


Proper Heel Size is Essential to Comfortable Walking Sandals

You should never sacrifice style for comfort when searching for the best walking sandals for women. There are such things as comfortable and stylish sandals. And they usually have a wedged heel. 

A wedged heel can take a casual sandal and dress it up instantly for those more fashionable affairs. The best part about wedges as cute walking sandals is that your feet won’t be screaming after wearing them. A wedged heel distributes weight across the foot, so there is no one point taking all the pressure. 

You will want to look for sandals with a wedge heel no more than ¾ inches and those with good cushioning on the sole. Carousel 3 is a perfect pick for a stylish and cute walking sandal that features a flexible, comfortable cork footbed. These lightweight shoes are the perfect comfortable sandals for walking all day, and can easily be worn for dressier occasions. With all the colors available, you can even choose what type of statement you want these shoes to make.

Taos Carousel 3 Sandal


Cute Walking Sandals Feature Both Style and Design

Along with feeling great, the best walking sandals for women should look great, too. Luckily, there is a wide variety of styles and designs for women to choose from that also offer the comfort needed to enjoy them. 

The Casual Yet Comfortable Sandal 

Lightweight, leather strapped sandals like customer favorite Trulie are good for casual days when you’re busy running errands around town. They look great paired with jeans and a white tee shirt for a classic, effortless style while ensuring your foot stays supported and comfortable with a lightweight, padded contour cork footbed. You could even wear these comfortable, supportive sandals with a maxi dress to stay comfortable on a more casual summer evening. 

Taos Trulie Sandal

A Supportive Sandal for Summer Activities

For more active beach days, try an active flip flop with footbeds and arch support. Aura are a great option. These comfortable walking sandals feature arch and metatarsal support with the Taos Soft Support™ premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam™ so you stay comfortable on your feet all day long.

Taos Aura Sandal

Looking for something a bit more flashy? The chic leather Prize 4 sandals with pounded medallion hardware on the multicolored straps will definitely make a statement. These may not look like sandals with support for walking, but don’t let appearances fool you: These cute walking sandals have a Soft Support™ premium footbed with Cool Recovery Foam™ to keep your feet supported, cool, and comfortable.

Taos Prize 4 Sandal

Finding the best walking shoes for women is easier than you may think. The days of sacrificing style for comfort (or vice-versa) are long gone; finding a pair of comfortable, stylish sandals is within your reach. Simply look for arch support, heel size, and the style and design of the shoe. You’ll be able to enjoy the long summer days on your feet with the most supportive sandals, and discomfort will be a thing of the past.


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