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The 6 Most Comfortable Sneakers of 2022 (that are good for your feet!)

You can never have too many sneakers. A wardrobe staple, a perfect companion to any outfit, and an ultimate rescue for when you just can’t find the right shoes – sneakers do it all, not to mention the comfort factor. When it comes to living an active life, whether going for long walks, running errands around town, being on your feet all day for work, or dancing at a party, nothing beats a pair of good, comfortable sneakers.

But let’s be honest, not all sneakers are the same - there are some you should avoid, especially if you're dealing with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. While searching for the right pair, you might come across many options where fashion is prioritized over comfort, or the quality of the materials is subpar. Beyond that, many things can turn a simple pair of sneakers into a purchase full of pain, sweat, blisters, and discomfort. 

That’s why we selected six of the most comfortable sneakers of 2022 – Your feet will be grateful, and so will your wallet.

Plim Soul Lux 

An absolute must in anyone’s shoe collection. Plim Soul Lux lace-up leather sneakers come with metatarsal support and a thick, high platform, making them the most comfortable white sneakers out there. Silvadur treatment protects against odor, staining, and deterioration, ensuring they will last you many seasons.  

Taos Plim Soul Lux Sneakers

One Vision

One Vision is an ode to the retro times and vibes made from thick canvas fabric with matching laces and ribbed frontal rubber sole. Perfect for long summer walks and terrace hangouts; they will complement any denim outfit, maxi skirt looks, and even flowy, romantic dresses. With metatarsal and arch support, One Vision are the most comfortable sneakers for women who want to keep it light and easy.

Z Soul

Zip it up! The Z Soul low sneaker is the epitome of cuteness and comfort. The outside zipper allows you to get in and out with ease, while laces are there to make sure you can adjust the fit. Last but not least, this canvas sneaker features the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed, which gives you arch and metatarsal support.

Right On

This sneaker's name speaks for itself – wear them Right On, and off you go. Despite the backless fit, this mule-style sneaker offers exceptional comfort thanks to the removable, supportive forward footbed for excellent arch and metatarsal support. The lightweight EVA midsole gives you cushion and shock absorption so that you can wear these comfortable sneakers right on all day long!

Taos Right On Slide on Sneakers

Twin Gore Lux

A leather slip-on, Twin Gore Lux, is made for lace-free comfort connoisseurs. Crafted from exceptional soft leather uppers and lining, this minimalist pair features Taos’ Curves & Pods® removable footbeds that provide essential arch and metatarsal support.

Taos Twin Gore Lux Leather Slip On Sneakers


The higher the arch, the higher the comfort. Made from leather of exceptional quality, Winner is a high-top sneaker with high hopes to make your relaxing walk or a powerful stride the most pleasant experience. Without a doubt, the most comfortable sneaker for women, the Winner will be winning over your feet with its stylish look and unforgettable feel. 

Taos Winner Caramel Lace & Zip Up High Tops

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