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Support Your Fallen Arches With the Right Shoes

Do you suffer with flat feet as an adult? While some people are born with flat feet, it’s possible to develop them at a later age from injury and improper fallen arch support. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) – or ‘fallen arches’ – is where the tendon that stabilizes the arches becomes too weak to hold the arches up. Gradually, a lowering of the arches occurs, bringing a flurry of new problems. The resulting flatfoot condition can cause discomfort and even change the shape of your feet.

PTTD is not fun! Pain, inflammation, and a rolling of the ankle inwards are a few symptoms that you’ll want to avoid. If left unchecked, fallen arches can get worse with time, affecting your ability to do activities like running, sports, and more.

To maintain proper alignment of the feet and prevent injury, it’s important to wear the right footwear, no matter what age you are. Below, we’ve selected some of the best shoes for fallen arches.

Keep Your Fallen Arches Supported In Leather Boots

When choosing shoes for flat feet, look for superior insoles with arch and metatarsal support. Our Crave boot is a dream for the cooler months, with premium removable footbeds that can be swapped out for custom orthotics. These boots have a thick, sturdy heel and durable sole, making them perfect fallen arches shoes.

taos crave bordeaux

They’re beautifully crafted in Portugal with soft, supple leather, so you can feel stylish and comfortable wherever your adventure leads you. You may even stand up straighter in this supportive base!

No More Flip-flops: Try These Shoes For Fallen Arches Instead!

Don’t let fallen arches keep you from wearing sandals. Throw away all flat flip-flops and try something with a bit of support for a change.

Our new Sheila 2 sandals are one of the best shoes for fallen arches. They’re sleek and beautiful with a 2.5 inch wedge and built-in arch and metatarsal support. The shape of your foot will instantly mold into the soft suede and leather of this dreamy shoe. By the end of the day, you’ll still feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Taos Sheila 2 Leather & Cork Wedge Sandals

Support Your Arches With Tricked Out Kicks

While they don’t look like orthotic sneakers, Star is amazing when it comes to women's shoes for fallen arches thanks to their superior comfort and support. Classic on the outside and tricked out on the inside, they’re ideal for people suffering from fallen arches who prefer a low-key shoe.

taos star burst

A removable Curves & Pods® insole provides unbeatable fallen arches support. Plus, the laces provide adjustability to stabilize the feet for all-day comfort. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, there’s a color and pattern that will suit your mood.

Work or Play in Classic Oxfords That Offer Modern Fallen Arches Support

Like a great pair of boots, simple Oxfords like Work It are the go-to women’s shoes for fallen arches. Work It has all the key elements you’re looking for to address your needs: a removable orthotic insole with superb arch and metatarsal support, a stiff heel, and a thick, durable rubber outsole. They’re easily adjusted with stylish laces. Plus, they’re designed to suit many different occasions, from work to play. You’re sure to get a lot of wear out of these fallen arches shoes.

Taos Work It Leather Welt Oxfords

Finding the right footwear is the first step in taking care of your feet, especially if you suffer from fallen arches. Women’s shoes for fallen arches go a long way, but can also be coupled with physical therapy and other treatments as your podiatrist advises. With the best shoes for fallen arches, you can head into this year with a spring in your step and never look back!


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