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Road Trip Day 4: Roadside attractions, chiles, and mosaics

The road trip continues! On this leg of our journey we encounter vintage Americana roadside attractions like the iconic Bob's Big Boy statue from the classic California coffee shop. On arrival, we made sure to check out more must-see spots like Santa Fe's airy and art-filled Drury Plaza Hotel.

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

We certainly do! Our road trip adventure moves from Arizona to New Mexico, by way of Hatch, and it's full of chiles galore! There's a reason that New Mexico has a Chile Pepper Institute. In fact, according to, you know you're from New Mexico when you buy green chiles by the bushel and red chiles by the gallon!

Day 4: Onward to Santa Fe!


• Check out of Hacienda Del Sol by 11 am

• Enjoy an indulgent final stop in Tucson with breakfast at The Oink Cafe. Going to a restaurant with an animal noise in the name - checked off the road trip list! 

The Oink Cafe

• Depart Tucson for Santa Fe for the next stop on our road trip!

If your camera and sunburn don't give you away as a tourist, asking for "green chile sauce" will.

Aaron Kagan, "The Definitive Guide to Santa Fe Green Chile",


• Stop for gas and food in Hatch, NM. Three Brothers Chile is a fun local spot to purchase chiles and road trip souvenirs including the well-recognized Chile Ristras that became a must-have souvenir by the time we departed Santa Fe.

Three Brothers Chile  645 Franklin St. Hatch, NM 87937

Bob and Dino Hatch, NM

Continue your road trip game of counting the kitschy roadside attractions like the iconic Bob's Big Boy statue alongside his prehistoric pal (above), or the famous Muffler Man (below).

Hatch Muffler Man Statue

•  Arrive at the Drury Plaza Hotel to check in with their friendly staff. Once you’re settled, check out the incredible artwork showcased throughout the hotel, thoughtfully curated by our talented multi-hyphenate friend Bobby Beals. Fitting in some art appreciation time is a must-do while on a road trip! We were greeted upon our arrival by the stunning skull mosaics created by Lauren Furman, both of whom we were lucky enough to spend time with during our stay.

Bobby Beals

Lauren Furman

Drury Plaza Hotel

Bobby Beals at the Drury Plaza Hotel

Our friend Bobby Beals, a man of many talents, at the Drury Plaza Hotel where he curated the artwork shown throughout. Bobby was an invaluable resource for us while planning our road trip stop in Santa Fe!


•  After a long day of road tripping, we loved the casual, unpretentious yet flavorful dinner experience at the dog-friendly Tune Up Cafe. We met our friend Madison Papp there for dinner. Madison is a highly-sought private chef and inventive recipe developer who knew just the spot to take us. 

Madison Papp

Tune Up Cafe

With Madison Papp at the Tune Up Cafe

Ernie is demure while being cuddled by Madison and photographed by his dog mom Danielle.

Madison Papp modeling our Plim Soul Lux in Black

The talented and beautiful Madison modeling our customer favorite Plim Soul Lux leather sneakers. We're so fortunate that we got to know her while road-tripping!

Peep Day 5 of our Wander Well road trip where we're continuing to shop locally, eat at amazing foodie hotspots, and make connections with local community members who create memorable experiences as they share unique glimpses with us into their day-to-day lives!


Feel Good, Wander Well!