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Here's the Ultimate Solution to Supporting High Arches

Ill-fitting shoes are enough to ruin anyone’s day. Whether you’re at work or at home, walking around in shoes that don’t fit can cause serious pain and long-term damage, especially to the arches of your feet. Nobody can afford that kind of foot damage just for stylish sneakers, especially if you’re on your feet all day. When looking for the right fit, people often think in terms of length and width. Something that is often overlooked when it comes to properly fitting shoes is support for high arches. Depending on how high your arches are, you will look for different types of high arch support. Some people have higher arches than others. Many have what are considered to be very high arches, which is just defined as having significant height at the arch of your foot. When looking for high arch support shoes, sandals for high arches, or the best sneakers for high arches, you need options that give the cushion you need. The following are some of the best options for people looking for stylish shoes with arch support.

High Arch Support Insoles

People with high arches may find their feet are less flexible than others. They also may find that physical activity is very harsh on their feet. To prevent this, people with high arches should look for special high arch support insoles for their shoes. There are a variety of different high arch support inserts to choose from based on your foot and the type of shoe they go in. Inserts will often have reinforced arches to keep your foot in the right position. As you walk, your natural arches will collapse. If they collapse too far, it can result in the tearing of muscles and tendons in the foot. By adding additional support to your shoe by way of high arch insoles such as the ones in our sneakers, you can prevent this and provide extra protection. These footbeds also help to distribute your weight in your shoe to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. At Taos, our Curves & Pods® removable footbed is a high arch support insole that also provides unparalleled cushioning and comfort. You can find these in most pairs of our high arch-supporting sneakers, boots, and more. Finding stylish shoes with arch support is no longer a concern thanks to this high arch insole that’s as supportive as it is comfortable.

Taos Footwear Curves & Pods Active Footbed Diagram

The Best Ladies Shoes With Arch Support
High arch support inserts can sometimes be uncomfortable before they’re worn in, but luckily there are shoes that offer an incredibly comfortable experience right from the start. For a sneaker with arch support, there’s Star Burst. This hip canvas shoe features the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed. These high arch support inserts offer extra support when it’s needed, while also giving you the option to take them out in order to customize the fit to your foot. These sneakers with high arch support also come in a variety of colors and designs that suit every taste.

Taos Star Burst Canvas Lace Up Sneakers

Other types of ladies' shoes with high arch support include boots, sandals, and heels. Having high arches doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice any part of your sense of fashion. Crave is a stylish shoe with arch support that can add attitude to any outfit. Hidden within is not only a soft, faux-fur lining but also the Soft Support removable footbed. This high arch insole of our sandals and sneakers offers support to protect your heels and toes. Meanwhile, the urban appearance and soft leather made in Portugal make these a high arch support shoe you’ll love to wear again and again to add flair to any outfit. Many people think arch support shoes need to look like huge clunky sneakers, but that’s simply not true. It’s easy to find your favorite pair of stylish shoes with arch support when you know where to look. Find your perfect fit today!

Taos Crave Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots

If you have high arches, wearing just any sneakers or sandals can actually harm your foot health and hygiene. At Taos, we have the best shoes for keeping your high arches comfortable and supported. Our variety of shoes includes high arch sandals, sneakers, boots, and others.   

 At Taos, we prioritize comfort. Our specialty is supplying supportive shoes for foot conditions but never compromising on style. Orthopedics don’t have to look the way that you might have imagined. We envisioned an end to the boring, bland foot-support shoes that your doctor probably had in mind when he recommended orthopedics to you. You don’t want to give up your personal style, and we don’t think that you should. 

Our high arch support sneakers, for instance, will take the wearer from school or work to extracurricular activities such as gentle outdoor exercise or socializing outside. Our high arch support sandals, on the other hand, are perfect for a day at the beach or your long-awaited vacation.


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