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How to Pack Shoes in A Suitcase? 5 Space-Saving Tricks

Packing is never fun. And when it comes to shoes, it gets even more challenging: they tend to take up a lot of space, you can’t fold them, and they’re usually the heaviest pieces in the bag. If you don’t pack the shoes the right way, a single pair of boots or sneakers can take up a good chunk of space. All in all, shoe packing can turn into a nightmare.

But don’t worry. We compiled some tips and tricks to help you save space, time, and stress when packing shoes the next time. Want to know how to pack shoes to save space? Keep reading to find out how.

Pick The Right Shoes for Travel

First and foremost, select the shoes that fit the purpose of the trip. Are you traveling from winter to summer or vice versa? How many days are you going away? Are you planning to walk a lot? Try to take versatile shoes that you can wear day to night. Boots, sneakers, and dressy sandals can be worn in casual and more formal situations.

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Wear the heaviest shoes 

The golden rule is to wear the bulkiest shoes while you travel. Even if they don’t fit the current weather or the temperature in your destination. If you have to take them with you, choose to wear them and free up space in your case! Whether it’s a pair of boots or chunky sneakers, you free up a lot of room for other things by wearing those shoes as you travel. 

Packing based on different types of shoes

Different types of shoes call for different measures. Making space for a pair of ankle boots is not the same as packing slim sandals. Here is how to pack shoes for travel based on their category and size.

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Packing sneakers

Sneakers are probably everyone’s favorite shoe to take on a trip. However, if you’re planning to pack them, surround them with lighter clothes and use the space inside the sneakers to stuff them with smaller items to optimize space. Place them at the bottom of your suitcase for weight distribution, and don’t forget to use a shoe bag to prevent staining.

Packing boots

We highly recommend you wear the boots because they take up a lot of space in your luggage. But if you can’t wear the boots on the flight or commute, here is how to pack shoes in your suitcase effectively to save as much space as possible. 

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Use space inside the boot to stuff smaller items such as socks, rolled t-shirts, or tops. Put the boots at the bottom of the suitcase, close to the wheels, so they don’t push the weight down once the suitcase is closed and flipped vertically. Fill the gaps between each shoe with lightweight clothes and other items. 

Packing sandals

The easiest to pack! – Sandals and flip flops barely take up any space and can be used as space fillers at the end of the packing process. Slide them into the side or front suitcase compartments, and place them on top of your wardrobe selection once you’ve finished packing. As mentioned before, give them a wash or a swipe to prevent stains. 

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Pack soft items around your shoes

One of the best things to do when you’re wondering how to pack shoes for travel is to think space-first. Since shoes are less bendy and flexible than clothing, make the most out of your easy-to-fold clothes and place them around and in-between the shoes. It works wonders with thinner items like t-shirts, tops, soft shorts, or underwear. 

Use the space inside your shoes

We said it before, and we’ll say it again, using your shoes as storage can free up a lot of space. It’s also a good idea to store valuables or fragile accessories inside your shoes because they’ll give your precious little items an extra layer of protection. 

Smart packing is all about being creative. We hope that these quick tips will help to answer the question of how to pack shoes for your next adventure, wherever you’re heading. Most importantly, remember that we usually tend to overpack and take too many things with us, so think realistically about the number of pairs you’re taking and if you’re actually going to wear them.

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