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How To Fix Flat Feet Using The Right Shoes

If you have flat feet, it means you lack the arch at the bottom of the foot when you stand. For most people with flat feet, it is because the arch failed to develop in early childhood. However, there are some people who develop flat feet as a result of wear and tear or injury.

Many people live with flat feet and experience few to no problems. With that said, it can cause significant pain for others. Flat feet can put pressure on the heels and balls of the feet, and can also put additional stress on your ankles, knees and hips.

The good news for most people with flat feet is that they will not need surgery to correct the problem. With better footwear, you can do a lot to relieve the pain from having flat feet. Read on to see how to fix flat feet problems with the right shoes.

Selecting Shoes for Flat Feet

A doctor might recommend special orthotic shoes or inserts if you have significant problems with flat feet. However, most people can still wear normal shoes for flat feet. You just need to find shoes that are good for fixing flat feet.

Support is the most important factor in finding shoes for flat feet. Shoes with a little extra support at the arches can work to align the feet better. This can help to prevent pronation, which is common for people with flat feet.

Beyond arch supports for flat feet, you want to find a supportive sole. The sole of the shoe should be flexible, but also firm. You want the sole to move with the foot as you walk, but you don’t want it to be too loose. You also don’t want it to be so firm that it puts more pressure on your feet.

While it might not be a necessity, a slight heel can also help to relieve issues associated with flat feet. You don’t want to go with anything too high, but a heel of a half-inch to two inches can take a little pressure off the midsole. 

Shoes for Fixing Flat Feet

With a high-quality, supportive footbed, Taos offers a wide variety of shoes that are perfect for people with flat feet. Check out our selection of some of the top shoes for fixing flat feet.

Super Soul

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable sneakers that will treat your feet right, the Super Soul is one of the best options. These arch support shoes for flat feet have the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed for unbeatable arch and metatarsal support. They also have a canvas lining and lace-up design for a custom fit.

Taos Super Soul Sneaker

Good Wool

For something a little warmer, the Good Wool is ideal for wearing on colder days. These wool booties will keep your feet nice and warm, but the arch supports are also good for fixing flat feet. They slip on nice and easy, plus they have an indoor/outdoor design, so they can be a comfortable house shoe or something you wear when running errands on your day off.

Taos Good Wool Booties


Take a look at our Zone if you want a stylish sandal that offers arch support for flat feet. It is a nice leather strap sandal with the toe-loop design. You can adjust the strap for the perfect fit, plus it has a slight half-inch heel that can work to take some of the pressure off the midsole area of the foot. 

Taos Zone Sandal Dark Grey

Work it High

For a full boot that can help with fixing flat feet, check out the Work it High. It is a leather boot with a lace-up design for a snug fit. It has a strong but durable outsole for long days on your feet. These boots also have arch supports for flat feet, and the one and a quarter inch heel can relieve issues with foot pain at the arches.

Taos Work It High Boot


A pair of high top sneakers like our Union can be a good option for dealing with flat feet. They have the Curves & Pods® footbed for superior support and the high-top design provides extra ankle support, which can be useful for people who have flat feet. For comfortable sneakers that look good while also helping with flat feet, the Union is of the top pairs you can wear.

Taos Union Sneakers Steel


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