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How to Find Shoes to Ease Back Pain

We can all relate to back pain. Nearly all of us will experience it at some point in our lives.

Sometimes you will know why you’re experiencing back pain. For example, some sort of injury or a twist in the wrong way can result in aches and pains. For those who are not sure where it is coming from, sitting at a desk too long can be the culprit, or standing all day can cause similar issues. Many activities – or lack thereof – can contribute to the discomfort.

It is hard to escape back pain, but we can all do something to avoid it. A great place to start is by wearing the proper footwear. This means searching for supportive shoes and cushion sole shoes that can offer proper arch support. 

Stylish orthopedic shoes are no longer a thing of myth. Read on to learn about how orthopedic shoes for women can help avoid or alleviate back pain, and what to look for when buying a new pair of supportive shoes.

How Women’s Shoes With Arch Support Can Help Manage Back Pain

You may be surprised to learn that what’s on your feet can play a huge role in how your back feels. Doctors describe this as the kinetic chain, which refers to the idea that the way you move one part of your body affects another area.

As you’ve probably felt before, different types of shoes will impact your posture and even how you walk. You likely carry yourself very differently in heels than you would in flats. Your back will respond to each style differently, too.

Heels can result in poor alignment and create stress in the lower back. On the other end of the spectrum, very flat shoes can often lack the support your body needs and can lead to ankle and knee pain.

To be sure you’re wearing supportive shoes that offer optimal back comfort, you should seek out orthopedic shoes for women. They will offer arch and heel support, so the weight of your body can be cushioned. Plus, finding cute orthotic shoes is easier than ever thanks to the array of options available for women. 

How to Find Stylish Orthopedic Shoes for Women

When shopping for the right supportive shoes, one of the most important things is to make sure that they fit properly. Your feet can grow and even shrink as you get older, so measure your feet before you go shopping. Remember to measure the width as well, because even the most supportive shoes that are too slim or too wide will not do you, or your back, any favors.

Look for women's shoes with arch support. You also want to avoid a high heel. While you may feel the need to wear a pair of heels for special occasions, consider a pair of cute orthotic shoes instead.

A style of Mary Jane shoes like Ta-Dah could be just what you need. These feature our patented Curves & Pods® removable footbeds, so you you can design your own comfort from these cushion sole shoes. The stylish laser cuts and metal studs help to make these stylish orthopedic shoes appropriate for any occasion.

Taos Ta Dah Leather Mary Jane Shoes

Another great option for cute orthotic shoes is Dandy. These are also removable footbed shoes that have excellent arch support and will help keep your feet comfortable and in the right position no matter where you go. These versatile and supportive shoes are the perfect go-to for anything that comes your way. With five designs available, you’re sure to find a pair of cute removable footbed shoes that go with everything.

These are just two examples of the many pairs of supportive and stylish orthopedic shoes for women we offer. Plus, the majority of our women’s supportive shoes come with removable footbeds, so you can tailor these cushion sole shoes to what you feel is most comfortable.

Taos Dandy Canvas Slip On Sneakers

You don’t need to sacrifice style to avoid back pain. Supportive shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and cute orthotic shoes are no longer a myth.

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