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Creative Gift Ideas for the Adventurous Grandparent

One of the greatest aspects of retirement is that it allows for a more open schedule. The newfound free time should not be looked at as a chance to slow down, but instead as an opportunity to do more things. If your grandparents are the type to take advantage of their freedom, here are a few gift ideas perfect for those who are dedicated to exploring more with age. From shoes that are the opposite of what we know as “old lady shoes” to a custom trip planner, this is the ultimate creative gift guide for the adventurous grandparent.

Away Luggage

Not only can this luggage do all the usual things, like carry your clothes, but it can also charge your phone, synch with an app, all while being extra light. Away luggage is the perfect suitcase for those looking to travel without extra baggage weighing them down. And that’s just why its landed on this list of the best gifts for grandparents.

They are available in many different colors and sizes, so can fit many different moods, personalities, and trips. With all that extra room, your grandma can take the extra pairs of shoes you got for her so she doesn’t have to stick with that old pair of what we know as "old people shoes" (we’re picturing those Velcro tennis shoes all grandparents seem to own). Instead, she can pack the fashionable boots you got for her from Taos, and the walking shoes, too! By not being forced into one pair of old lady boots or those Velcro shoes for the elderly, Grandma can feel like a local wherever she goes.


You know what makes for the best gift for elderly parents or grandparents these days? Really awesome aerial footage of them in various locations. There are some really high quality drones on the market today that are light, easy to travel with, and, even more importantly, very easy to use so even your grandparent can learn to control one. The Pocket Drone Quadcopter is a great option for something compact.

Taos Trulie Woven Leather Wedge Sandals

As Grandma is piloting her new drone, make sure she has the right footwear. She’s cooler than old lady Velcro tennis shoes, right? Definitely. Get her a pair of comfortable shoes that match her sleek, new drone. The Trulie isn’t your average shoe for elders. This is a lovely, lightweight shoe that your grandparent can spend all day in as she strolls around with her drone snapping shots from above.

Comfortable Shoes Unlike Your Average Old Lady Velcro Tennis Shoes

The perfect pair of shoes for discovering new places need to be comfortable and supportive. But you definitely should avoid anything with a ‘dated’ look. Adventurers do not need anything resembling old people's shoes.

If your grandparents or elderly parents are spending days on their feet, you will want them to have shoes that feel like old lady orthopedic shoes, but look like anything but. The Star is an excellent option for the adventurous grandmother that wants a comfortable option without looking like she’s wearing old lady walking shoes. We love these as gifts for elderly parents or grandparents because they come in a variety of colors and patterns to match her taste, and the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed for the most amazing comfort.

Travel Itinerary

If your grandparents are headed on a trip, it may be nice to set them up with a pre-planned itinerary before they get there. There’s no need for them to deal with any research or wander around aimlessly looking for a good restaurant.

Journy is a personal travel designer that helps you build a custom trip at an incredibly affordable price. All you need to do is fill out their preferences and Journey will give you the keys to any city for a daily rate of $25. Rather than your grandparents traveling to a far off land and getting caught in a tourist trap, give them the gift of a perfectly tailored adventure to all the best places.

And make sure Grandma stays comfortable the entire trip in shoes meant for walking. She’s way too cool for orthopedic shoes for elders, but there are plenty of stylish options out there that will keep her comfortable and ensure your grandparents spend more time exploring, and less time nursing blistered feet.


After spending their days having incredible new journey, give your grandparents a beautiful travel journal for them to write it all down in. Journaling is a great way to reflect on experiences and let them express themselves.

Also, when they get back from their adventures, you can have them share their stories with you, making you feel like you were along for the ride! Among the best gifts for grandparents, Moleskine has been a staple journal for years and never goes out of style.

Every adventurous grandparent or elderly parent can enjoy the gifts listed above. One of the most important, though, is a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes for Grandma on their journey. Look no further than Taos.

Our collection of shoes offers everything but old people's shoes. Instead, we design shoes for the stylish grandparent who needs footwear as fashionable as it is comfortable. We’ve got your adventurous grandparent covered when it comes to footwear, so stop browsing the Velcro shoes for the elderly and start shopping our chic and comfortable collection today.


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