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Cork Soles Shoes: The Sustainable Solution for Shoes

Why Cork Footbeds are the Most Sustainable Solutions for Shoes


Have you ever considered wearing shoes with cork soles? If your answer is no, it may be time to start thinking differently.

If you’re wondering what we mean by cork, we mean that cork for shoes is the same kind of cork that is used for wine corks, bulletin boards, and so on. The great thing about cork is that it is one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. Cork sole sandals also happen to be extremely comfortable, making this one of the best solutions for sustainable shoes.

Why Cork is a Great Option for Sustainable Shoes

Cork for shoes comes from the bark of cork oak trees. Since it is harvested in a similar way that oranges and apples are, the trees will continue to thrive and reproduce bark throughout their lifetime.

Once the tree reaches maturity, it will be harvested for its bark every nine years. When the tree is harvested, a mark is made on the trunk so it isn’t harvested again too soon. This allows the trees to live full, healthy lives, while also giving the bark enough time to regrow. In fact, cork oak trees that are stripped of their bark can live up to 150 years longer than those that are not. The trees are native to southern Mediterranean countries, such as France and Italy, as well as North African countries, like Algeria and Tunisia.

The trees are not cut down or harmed to obtain cork for soles, making cork a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material. Cork is also relatively inexpensive, and it does not require a lot of resources to produce it. Just in case we haven’t convinced you enough that cork sole shoes are among the most sustainable, this material is also easily recyclable and leaves little-to-no carbon footprint.

What Makes Cork Sole Shoes Superior

Cork is buoyant, elastic, and water-resistant, making it a great material for sustainable shoes. Since it has the ability to mold to the shape of your foot, cork is an ideal material for footbeds. Shoes with a cork footbed can mold around your foot, giving the orthopedic support and comfort you need.

Dress a Cork Footbed Sandal Up for Nicer Occasions

Since cork footbeds are elastic, they can naturally absorb impact, giving your feet and joints a break. Even better, you can find a stylish pair of cork footbed shoes for any occasion. If you’re looking for something dressier, like wedges with a cork footbed, consider Carousel 3. These lightweight leather sandals are a customer favorite for their perfect combination of design and comfort. They feature bold colors and decorative buckles, along with a molded, suede-covered cork footbed. These make for some of the most fashionable cork footbed shoes around.

Taos Carousel 3 Wedge Sandals

Shoes With a Cork Footbed Keep You Comfortable for Longer

Another option for open-toed shoes with a cork footbed is Lola. These adjustable cork footbed sandals are sure to be among the most comfortable shoes you own. They’re flexible and strike a great balance between casual and dressy, making them easy to transition from day to night. With a lightweight, padded contour cork footbed and adjustable strap, they’re an excellent walking sandal for those who are frequently on the go but don’t want to sacrifice style.

Taos Lola Sandal Bruschetta

Take Cork-Soled Shoes as a Lightweight Option for Any Adventure

For those looking for a pair of excellent cork footbed sandals to take on any adventure, look no further than Universe. As part of our Trulie Collection, these sustainable cork sole shoes were designed in Spain with adventure in mind. The cork footbed provides the contouring and flexibility your foot needs for all-day comfort, while never weighing you down. Designed with a premium leather upper, they also fit right into any occasion or destination.

Taos Universe Sandal Black

When you choose a pair of shoes with a cork footbed, you’re choosing lightweight comfort, fit, and sustainability. Plus, this material looks great so you’re never having to sacrifice style for eco-friendliness or comfort.

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