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8 Arch Support Shoes that Will Never Let You Down - A Podiatrist Guide

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that felt comfortable at first but proved to be hard on your feet after only a few hours of walking? Chances are the shoes didn’t provide enough arch support. The issue with finding good arch support shoes can be even worse if you have flat feet.

Arch supports in shoes are important because they help distribute the impact and pressure of walking and standing evenly through the entire foot. Along with that, they also help you maintain balance. Without proper arch support shoes, you put more wear and tear on your feet and you increase the risk of injury.

Many people assume that finding shoes with adequate arch support means compromising on style. This isn’t true – you can find arch support shoes for women to match almost any style. 

At Taos, we pride ourselves on designing shoes that look good while also offering premium comfort and support. If you are looking for cute shoes with arch support, we have footwear that can protect your feet, keep you comfortable and look good for any occasion.

Arch Support Sneakers

The Star Burst is a nice option as an everyday sneaker with good arch support. It is a canvas shoe with a simple lace-up design, and you have a range of different color options with this sneaker. This shoe performs well for running errands, long days on your feet, or for wearing around the house. 

Taos Star Burst Lace Up Canvas Sneakers

If high-top sneakers are more your style, we recommend the Winner. These high tops offer a reliable arch support sneaker that will keep you comfortable through a busy day. Both pairs also have the Curves & Pods® removable footbed for superior arch support.

Taos Winner Leather Lace Up Side Zip Sneakers

Arch Support Boots

For a boot that is strong and stylish while also providing the arch support you need, check out the Work it High. This leather boot can look good for a variety of occasions, and the dual-density footbed can keep your feet comfortable all day. 

Taos Work It High Leather Lace Up Combat Boots

If you want arch support boots with a bit more of a heel, the Crave can be a great option. This is an attractive leather city boot that can be perfect for days when you might need to cover a lot of ground. The Curves & Pods® footbed will offer the arch support you need, and the lace-up design gives you a customizable fit.

Taos Crave Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots

Arch Support Sandals

For the support you need to walk all day in a sandal that is sleek and attractive, the Grand Z is a can’t-miss piece of footwear. The z-strap design makes for an adjustable fit to meet the wearer’s needs, and the footbed has high-quality arch support and cushioning at the forefoot. 

Taos Grand Z Leather Cork Support Sandal

The Vacation is another option for arch support sandals that offer a look that is both distinct and fashionable. This offering is a leather sandal with soft support and cooling foam on the footbed. Whether you are out for an evening with friends or wearing them on a trip out of town, this sandal will provide the arch support to keep your feet feeling good.

Taos Vacation Leather Toe Hole Soft Support Sandals

Arch Support Clogs

With the Woolderness 2, you have a slip-on wool clog that can be ideal for wearing at home on your day off or if you need to take a quick trip to the store. The wool upper and lining offer a toasty house shoe, but the material is also breathable to keep you comfortable. These arch support clogs also have the Curves & Pods® removable footbed, so you know you are getting enough arch support.

Taos Woolderness 2 Embroidered Wool Clog

You don’t have to sacrifice style for arch support. You can find plenty of cute shoes with arch support when you shop with Taos, and as you can see, our selection includes everything from slip-on sandals to leather boots.

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