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4 Versatile Shoes to Add to Your Capsule Wardrobe

You might have heard of the concept of a capsule wardrobe but feel far from it when you look at your overstuffed closet. Sticking to a capsule isn’t easy! Setting up a capsule wardrobe means minimizing your closet down to essential pieces that you can wear over and over, rather than having one of everything in every color. Typically, capsule pieces are highly versatile and neutral so that they can be mixed and matched with each other.

While this, of course, includes clothes, shoes are another important component of a capsule wardrobe. Too many shoes can be a nightmare to look at and can make getting dressed time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, try pairing down your shoes to only a few necessary pairs that you can wear year-round. 

From classic white sneakers to a lace-up pair of leather boots, discover the shoes you need in your capsule closet.

1. White Sneakers

A shoe that doesn’t need any introduction, the humble white sneaker is a staple in many closets. They are classic shoes that match everything and never go out of style, making them a shoo-in for our capsule collection. Whether you are hiking, walking through a city, or heading to the gym, you can reach for a pair of white canvas sneakers, like Star Burst. These kicks feature a Soft Support™ removable footbed that provides dreamy cushioning and support to protect your whole foot.

Taos Star Burst Sneaker


2. Leather Sneakers

Of course, sometimes it pays to step up your sneaker game to a style that is more sophisticated than canvas. Respect and Winner are the perfect examples of such sneakers, with soft leather uppers and linings and a Taos Curves & Pods® removable footbed with arch & metatarsal support. Winner can be worn with a business suit for a fresh, office-ready style and Respect features soft burnished leather with a padded sweater knit collar that can easily be taken from the classroom to cocktails!

Taos Winner Sneaker Steel

Taos Respect Sneaker


3. Wool Shoes

No capsule is complete without a soft pair of shoes that can be worn as slippers in the house. The beauty of Good Wool boots is that they are both a pull-on pair of slipper boots as well as booties that can be worn outside the house. They are incredibly soft, yet the wool is also strong and durable, so they can be worn outdoors with a pair of black leggings or trousers. They are naturally antimicrobial and can even repel small amounts of liquid.

Taos Good Wool Clogs


4. Leather Slip-on Shoes

Finally, a trusty slip-on rounds out our list of capsule wardrobe shoes. It’s great to have at least one pair for when you need to run out the door in a hurry and can’t decide which shoes to complete your look. Twin Gore Lux is a great choice for a slip-on because it is both casual and elegant and can be worn year-round with a number of outfits, from denim to dresses or tailored pants. 

Taos Twin Gore Lux Sneaker

The new year is the perfect time to organize your shoe closet and tweeze it down to only a handful of minimalist wardrobe-essentials. Imagine being able to actually see what you own in your closet, rather than having everything stuffed in as a jumble! Get your new year started on the right foot by building a capsule collection that won’t ever go out of style.

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