The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Right Shoe Fit

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Right Shoe Fit
1 year ago

What’s the first thing you do when you get home? If you can’t wait to kick off your shoes, it’s time to brush up on how to measure your shoe size.

When it comes to comfort, finding your proper shoe fit can make all the difference. Get it right, and you’ll be looking after your long-term foot health as well as feeling good in the short term. Get shoe fitting wrong, and you’re setting yourself up for blisters, bunions, and even back pain. Let’s explore what proper shoe fit means and how to find your right shoe size.

How Should Your Shoes Fit?

Whether you’re shopping for sandals, boots, or sneakers, here’s how to tell if shoes fit.

Can you wiggle your toes?

The experts at Harvard Medical School recommend leaving enough room to move your toes comfortably. When trying to determine how to tell if your shoes fit, check that you have half an inch to spare between your toes and the end of your shoes when you’re standing still.

Speaking of toes and shoe fit: According to podiatrists, you should fit your shoes to your longest toe. This is usually the big toe, but bear in mind that your second toe might be longer.

Does the heel of your shoe feel nice and snug (without digging in, of course)?

Take a walk around, and check that it doesn’t slide off. You don’t want to experience heel pain or other foot discomfort, so this test is key. You know you have the proper shoe fit if it’s that right balance of snug yet comfortable.

Do your shoes feel comfortable immediately?

Fancy: Forget about “breaking in” a new pair of shoes; if they don’t fit you properly, they’re never going to stretch into shape. Styles like our best-selling Moc Star are sure to feel great the moment you put them on thanks to comfortable features like a molded, contoured insole and the Active Curves & Pods® removable footbed.

Make The Most Of Your Shoe Fitting

How can you measure your foot size? Well, whether you plan to measure your own feet at home with just a pencil, a ruler and a piece of paper, or pay a visit to the professionals in store, we have some tips on getting it right. Just be sure to call ahead first to check the store's availability.

Measure your foot size regularly.

As your ligaments and tendons relax, your feet will get flatter (and wider) over time. So, make sure you stay up to date and measure your foot size at regular intervals.

Timing is everything.

Real Simple recommends shopping for new shoes at the end of the day. Your feet naturally expand over the course of the day, so if you buy a pair that fits you perfectly first thing in the morning, they might well feel tight by the time it gets to evening. The key to how to find your shoe size can come down to trying them on at the right time of day.

Bring the right hosiery!

If you’re planning on wearing sheer hose with a pair of Mary Janes, there’s no point in trying them on with thick socks. Determining how shoes should fit means trying them on how you would wear them normally.

Above all, forget what it says on the box. A size 8.5 in one brand might well be a 10 in another. If you’re doing it right and know what to look for, you’ll know how to tell if shoes fit immediately. When you follow our tips, getting the right shoe fit should be a breeze.