How to Find the Most Comfortable Mother of the Bride Shoes

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How to Find the Most Comfortable Mother of the Bride Shoes
3 months ago

The day is almost here! Your son or daughter is getting married and the big celebration is rapidly approaching. Along with all the planning, you have to think about something important that may get overlooked: shoes. What shoes are you going to wear on the big day? Your choice isn’t any easy one. You need your mother of the bride shoes to be classy, yet comfortable.

On this special day, you’re going to need special shoes. Here is how to find the perfect mother of the bride wedding shoes.

Find Mother of the Bride Shoes in the Perfect Color

The days of matching shoes to your dress have passed. Don’t feel like your footwear needs to be the same color as your dress. Neutral colors are always a good choice: nude, gold, or even silver will look great with the majority of wedding outfits.

Buckle Up is a great option for wedge shoes for weddings. These comfortable sandals feature a low wedge heel and a contoured cork footbed for stability and support. This pair comes in a variety of nude and neutral tones for a style that can complement any warm weather outfit.

Shape is Key for the Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

Another thing to think about when choosing mother of the bride wedding shoes is the shape. You want to avoid boxy or square toed shoes, as they tend to make your legs look shorter. Rounded, pointed, or open toed shoes make a more elegant and feminine statement. They will also make your legs look longer.

A rounded Mary Jane style shoe like Stunner never goes out of style and has the feminine feel you are looking for in your mother of the bride wedding shoes. Plus, these feature our Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed and a premium leather upper for a luxury look and superior support to last you through the entire ceremony and reception.

Stunner In Black Or Silver
Get the Right Fit

When shoe shopping, it is very important to make sure the shoes you are buying fit properly. The most comfortable wedding shoes are going to be ones that fit well. Women often fall victim to buying shoes too big or too small – especially heels. Be sure that the shoes you choose are the proper fit not only in length, but also in width.

Look for Comfortable Wedding Shoes With a Low Heel

With comfort in mind, you will want wedding shoes with a low heel. High heels will not give you the comfort or stamina you will need for the long day of dancing and mingling. As a result, look for a heel no higher than two inches.

One style of heel that will keep you happy all day is a wedge. One of the best wedge shoes for weddings is Carousel 2, which features a sturdy low heel and Portuguese flair. These make for one of the best mother of the bride shoes for their flexible, padded contour cork-latex footbed that ensures you never lose your balance.

Carousel 2 Red Leather Wedge Sandal

To guarantee your footwear really will be the most comfortable shoes for a wedding, you should try breaking them in a couple months before. Wear them to other events, while running errands, or just around the house. When your child’s wedding day comes, you’ll be happy you did. There will be no blisters, bunions, or sore feet – just smiles, laughter and cheer.