Wondering What to Wear When Working From Home? (Hint: It's Not PJs)

There’s no doubt that working from home inspires a more relaxed wardrobe than you would wear in a bustling office. However, staying in your PJs all day is not advised, partly because there’s always a chance of a spur of the moment video conference and partly because getting dressed actually boosts your morale and gets you into a professional mindset

If you’re wondering what to wear when working from home – especially during the coronavirus pandemic when WFH is mandatory – consider the following tips the next time you head to your closet.

Should I Dress Up When Working From Home?

We get it: It seems like a waste to wear a nice pair of pants or a work dress when you’re at home. Even if you don’t have any Zoom calls scheduled and no one outside your home is going to see you, it’s important to get dressed and show up for yourself. Changing out of your PJs and into presentable attire has been proven to change your attitude and get you going in the morning. Wearing a put-together work-from-home outfit will make sure you don’t feel like a slob and are therefore more likely to be productive.

What to Wear When Working From Home: Outfit Ideas

So, what should you actually wear while WFH during coronavirus? We’re not saying that you have to put on your suit and slip your feet into heels. There’s no need to be uncomfortable when you’re working from home. We believe in finding a balance between being polished and comfortable. The following work from home outfits check both boxes and are stylish to boot.

High-waisted Leggings and an Oversized White Button-Down

When working from home, try mixing tailored pieces with comfy, stretchy pieces to strike the right note as a WFH professional. An oversized white button-down over a pair of stretchy black leggings is a work from home outfit idea that mingles the best of both worlds. Your top half looks pulled together for a Zoom call while the bottom half allows you to sit comfortably on your couch all day with your laptop. For the essential errand outside or even just to pad around in the house in stylish comfort (seriously: wearing something besides slippers around the house can actually boost your mood), slide into some wedge sandals like Carousel 3. The lightweight sandals with a cork footbed and premium natural leather are elegant and supportive.

Taos Carousel 3 Leather and Cork Wedge Sandals

Matching Lounge Set with Clogs

Here’s a trick to apply to whatever you wear when working from home: If you feel like being cuddled in soft fabrics like your PJs but don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, wear a matching lounge set. There are plenty of sleek knit options that look beautiful and feel amazing on.

To complete the work from home outfit, slip on some breathable indoor outdoor clogs like Woollery for the ultimate in comfort and style. While these can serve as slippers inside, they have a durable sole that allows you to venture out when a mind-clearing walk is needed.

Taos Woollery Clogs with Arch Support

Oversized Tailored Pants and a Cardigan

Swap the slim-fitting tailored pants you wear at the office with an oversized pair. The looser silhouette will be more comfortable, which is always a must when considering what to wear when working from home. However, the structure of the design will make you feel like you are still wearing work clothes.

A soft cardigan and a pair of pretty Mary Janes like Ta Dah complete this WFH look. While they have a low heel, your foot will be fully supported by the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed.

Taos Ta Dah Leather Mary Janes with Arch Support

A Comfy Dress or Jumpsuit as an All-In-One Work From Home Outfit

Your at-home wardrobe should without a doubt include a few one-piece wonders. Think flowy dresses and soft jumpsuits. These work from home outfit ideas require very little thought in the morning, but look like you put in the effort to get dressed. A fun pair of sandals with support, like Genie, will make your outfit cute enough to re-wear to the office in the future.

Taos Genie Soft Support Studded and Braided Toe Strap Sandals

Boyfriend Jeans and a Cardi Set

We know jeans aren’t the first thing you think of when you hear the words “comfortable” or “work,” but, hear us out. A pair of loose, high-quality boyfriend jeans with a high waist can actually be comfortable and look very chic.

Try a matching top and cardigan set for a look that’s sophisticated. Stick to neutrals here, like white, black, or camel. We would pair this work from home outfit with classic white canvas sneakers like Star.

Taos Star Canvas Lace Up Sneaker with Arch Support


What You Wear When Working From Home Sets the Agenda for the Day

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Dress for success,” you’ll understand why you should dress up when working from home. Changing out of PJs and putting on a comfy yet chic outfit and a pair of supportive, stylish shoes can help you feel more productive and energized. However, your work from home outfit idea requires less prep than you think. You can be creative without fear of breaking dress code, which means you can really wear anything as long as it makes you feel productive.

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