What is Athleisure and How Can You Wear It?

Women’s athleisure wear has become a very popular trend over the past few years. All sorts of brands have moved into the space making athletic wear for workouts, as well as activities that do not involve working up a sweat. 

Athleisure looks can be found in all sorts of places, from the gym to the grocery store, and even for a night out with friends. Read on to learn more about what athleisure fashion is and how you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this stylish yet comfortable trend.

What is Women’s Athleisure Wear?

You may be wondering what exactly is athleisure fashion. Women’s athleisure wear evolved from simple gym-wear into a more sophisticated form of clothing that is appropriate for a variety of activities and excursions.

Athleisure fashion is comfortable, stretchy, and versatile. You can be doing yoga in it one minute and be out to lunch with a friend the next minute. Women’s athleisure shoes and clothing can also easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. 

Recognizing Athleisure Fashion Staples

If someone is still wondering, “What is athleisure?” ask them if they’ve ever worn or seen leggings. They’re certainly the most recognizable piece of women’s athleisure wear

Leggings became popular amongst the yoga community and have now become a staple in most women’s closets. They are great for all sorts of workouts and are also incredibly comfortable when just lounging around. This piece of athleisure fashion now comes in all sorts of different styles, and some are louder than others.

For extra performance in your leggings, look for compression. This style will offer a firm, sleek look to your body. Best of all, they won’t become see-through as you stretch.

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Bringing Women's Athleisure Looks into the Every Day with the Best Shoes 

When dressing your leggings down for simple errands, try pairing them with women's athletic shoes. The best women's athleisure shoes will provide comfort and support while being trendy and versatile.

One great option for stylish and supportive sneakers is Plim Soul. These comfortable sneakers offer great arch support for when you’re spending a lot of time on your feet. Plus, the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed provides the ultimate comfort you want in stylish, supportive sneakers Some black leggings, a fitted t-shirt, and a denim jacket, plus these women’s athletic shoes can take you from the yoga studio to Main Street in the blink of an eye.

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If you feel like dressing up a bit more for a night out with friends, but don’t want to wear jeans, try pairing black leggings with another pair of stylish, supportive sneakers like Rubber Soul. They also feature the premium, removable footbed that makes these a comfortable staple among women’s athleisure shoes.

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Since brands are now creating more formal athleisure wear and fashionable athletic shoes, you can find entire athleisure fashion outfits that are comfortable while still being appropriate for restaurants and other occasions outside of the gym.

Women’s Athleisure Outwear

Just because the weather can be unpredictable, doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Big brands now make trendy windbreakers, jackets, and sweatshirts. With the rise of streetwear and women’s athleisure looks, sporty clothing has now found a place among the fashion elite. 

Try pairing your sporty outerwear with comfortable sneakers like Winner. The high-top is a fresh take on women’s athleisure shoes and will make you the talk of the town, without sacrificing any comfort.

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It’s clear that women’s athleisure wear is here to stay. When looking fashionable is as easy as pairing the best women’s athleisure shoes with leggings and a cute top, it’s easy to understand why.

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