Unisex Shoes You Won't Mind Walking In All Day

No matter your age or where you live, walking is one of the best activities to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Walking every day, whether on your way to work or on a vigorous hike through the woods, is a great way to get some fresh air and collect your thoughts. Nothing can hold you back from walking, except maybe a bad pair of shoes.

Don’t be slowed down by shoes that are too small or hurt your feet. There are many fantastic walking shoes that will support your arches, provide protection, and look stylish to boot. All you need to do is to try them on for size.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular unisex shoes for walking to get you moving on your next adventure. 

Taos Convertawool Clogs

For Walking to the Office

While you probably won’t want to wear athletic shoes to the office, you can wear comfortable walking shoes disguised as beautiful leather sneakers. Plim Soul Lux lace-up sneakers are designed to model urban sophistication while being 100% comfortable for all-day wear. They feature Curves & Pods® premium removable footbeds with excellent arch & metatarsal support, as well as a thicker and higher platform that provides extra cushioning. As Taos is one of the best wide width shoe brands, you’ll find your perfect fit with these ultra-stylish shoes.

Plim Soul Lux Black Leather Sneakers

How to Style:
You can wear these black walking shoes with just about any structured pieces, like a pair of trousers and a classic blazer. You can also wear them with jeans or a casual dress if your office has a more relaxed dress code.

For Walking the Dog

We all need one pair of comfy shoes to throw on when we need to leave the house quickly to walk the dog or run some errands. That pair of shoes for us is Good Wool, a super soft, minimal wool boot that can be worn indoors or outside. These stylish pull-on booties are naturally antimicrobial and insulating to keep your feet warm yet fresh. They are sustainably and ethically hand-made in Spain, so you can feel great about choosing the best winter walking shoes that are also great for the environment. 

Taos Good Wool Bootie

How to Style:
Wear these boots with your favorite pair of black leggings or sweats and a puffer coat. 

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