Top 5 Best Shoes for Traveling in Europe (Cobblestone-Friendly!)

Planning a trip to Europe can be exciting. For many travelers, touring Europe means a lot of time walking the streets to take in the sights and enjoy the local culture. As enjoyable as it can be, walking through long stretches can be tough on your feet.

Beyond the amount of time you may spend on your feet, these sightseeing tours can be challenging if much of the trek is on cobblestone roads. They are common across Europe and can put your feet through an added workout. This is why finding good shoes for Europe is essential.

Sore or blistered feet could put a real damper on your travel plans–and who would want that? Whether you want stylish walking shoes for Paris, London, Copenhagen, Prague, or maybe even just the local grocery store, you need to consider comfort and support.

Fortunately, Taos offers a range of styles that can be perfect for a trip to Europe. Check out our list of the best walking shoes for travel in Europe


Beyond the stylish design, the Union is made for long days on your feet. You have the Curves & Pods® footbed for premium support, laces for a custom fit, and the padded collar that adds a layer of comfort for extended walks. As a high top sneaker, you also get a little extra support to protect your ankles when walking on uneven roads. 

Taos Union Leather High Top Sneakers

Moc Star

Both sporty and flexible, the Moc Star is one of the best walking shoes for Europe. This canvas sneaker hugs the foot in place once it is laced up, and the removable footbed provides the comfort and support you’ll need while exploring centuries-old sites under the European sun. This shoe also comes in various colors to fit any vacation wardrobe.

Taos Moc Star Lace Up Canvas Sneaker


Whether it is black, steel or caramel, Winner is a sleek leather sneaker that will serve you well in any destination. The side zipper not only offers a nice touch, it also makes it easier to get in and out of these shoes. The Active Curves & Pods® footbed will also protect your feet while spending your days walking the cobblestone roads. It is also a high-top, so you can expect a little extra ankle support.

Taos Winner Lace Up Leather High Top Sneakers

Work It High

A good pair of boots can also work well as shoes for Europe. The Work It High is a leather boot that can handle tough conditions while keeping your feet comfortable. Whether it’s Roman ruins, Greek islands, or Parisian streets, our premium footbed for enhanced comfort and support will keep you on your feet for hours on end. They lace up for an excellent, snug fit, and the zipper makes them more accessible than other boots. These boots can make a big difference if you are planning your trip for fall or winter – don’t rule them out for the summer, they’re ideal for keeping your feet safe, secure, and comfortable, no matter the weather.

Taos Work It High Leather Combat Boots


Let's show some Respect to one of the top choices for a sneaker that looks and feels good on your feet. It is a leather high top with a padded collar for added comfort. This sneaker also has the Curves & Pods® removable footbed for arch and metatarsal support and has a flexible sole for more natural movement as you walk the cobblestone roads of Madrid towards a refreshing Tinto de Verano – Salud to that! 

Taos Respect Leather Sneaker with Padded Sweater Knit Collar

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