Tips for coping with Your Canceled Vacation while staying quarantined

There are more than just a few of us who already had travel plans when COVID-19 began. Beyond the disappointment of coping with the canceled vacation you had planned, there’s also the difficulty of trying to get refunded by airlines, hotels, and other travel expenses.

A stay-at-home 2020 was probably not what you were expecting. However, you can still take some small steps to make the most of this time and perhaps even try some fun quarantine activities. It is possible to take back your summer with creative holiday-at-home ideas. Here are some tips for what to do during quarantine as you’re coping with a canceled vacation.

Canceled Vacation Tip #1: Seek Out Refunds

Of course, you deserve to get your money back for canceled trips. It’s not your fault that coronavirus disrupted everything and for safety reasons, it’s necessary to stay put. Many countries even have travel bans so it would simply be impossible to travel there. However, you will have to check individual airline policies to see what reimbursements they are offering as refunds differ by airline. Many hotels and Airbnbs will be willing to work with you on refunds or can move your stay to next year. While it is a pain and can make the already-difficult task of coping with quarantine even worse, don’t give up on getting your money back from everything you planned!

Looking Ahead and Planning New Trips Can Help You Cope With a Canceled Vacation

You might have to forget travel hacks and consider canceled vacation tips instead. While you may not actually be able to go anywhere for quite some time, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Start thinking about all the places you will go in 2021!

Dedicate a few Pinterest boards to travel and save places and things to do around the world. Just planning future vacations is a stay-at-home vacation activity in its own right. You can even think about what you would pack. A classic pair of supportive cork footbed sandals like Zone is perfect for travel. The supportive construction means you can walk for hours, and it even has foot health benefits.

Taos Zone Leather Toe Strap Cork Support Sandals

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can watch GoPro VR videos of people having extreme adventures around the world, from diving with sharks to jetpacking over Monaco. There is some pretty amazing travel inspiration online that makes coping with quarantine a little easier.

Enjoy Your Extended Stay-At-Home Vacation

You might be wondering what to do during quarantine. Well, coronavirus has made being a tourist in our own town the new normal. Instead of traveling, we’re all taking a quarantine holiday at home.

To make the most of this, seek out wild spaces like trails, lakes, and the ocean if they’re available to you. A hike through nature is a great way to socially distance while getting exercise. In these difficult times, it’s important for both body and mind to staying active.

If there is a lake nearby that is not crowded, you can spend the day doing water activities like tubing, fishing, and jet skiing. A stylish leather sandal with woven straps like Trulie is ideal for wearing to and from the lake. If you have a boat in a marina, what better way to stay active “at home” and get distance from others than to take it out on the harbor?

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Travel Through Books and Movies

Coping with quarantine is not always easy. But, here’s a holiday-at-home idea: Make a list of the best books and movies that promote wanderlust. A good story can whisk you away on adventures that lead you across the world.

From “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert to “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, there are so many adventures that leap off the page (and screen). Until we can get out there ourselves, we will have to live vicariously through our favorite characters!

Go Camping in Your Yard for a Quarantine Holiday At Home

There are plenty of ways to stay active at home! You may not be able to go camping in national parks, but you can certainly still go your yard. This is one of the best holiday at home ideas because it gets you out of the house without really leaving.

Set up a tent and enjoy a night of grilling and sitting under the stars. A pair of sandals with arch support like Aura is perfect for padding around on the grass and slipping off once you get into the tent. Cozy!

Coping with canceled vacation plans is a bummer. But, with a little imagination, it’s possible to still have fun this summer. Create your own quarantine holiday at home and get your family involved for some much-needed bonding time.

From watersports to lawn games, there are plenty of ways to stay active at home without putting anyone’s safety at risk. Who knows, you may even find a new hobby and perspective during this time in quarantine!

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