Staying Calm, Cool, and Collected At Home in Taos Active Sneakers

We’ve all been feeling cooped up the last few months as we isolate and socially distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While there hasn’t been a real need to get dressed up, creating cute #StayAtHome style is a fun way of motivating oneself to get up and be active. Casual and comfortable staples like soft tees and loungewear along with our Active Sneakers have made up our daily work from home outfits.

taos star

We checked in with our #TaosAmbassadors to see how they have been styling their women’s active sneakers during lockdown. From fun and floaty dresses to relaxed jeans and shorts, we think they’ve just about mastered their stay-at-home wardrobes. Get some inspiration from them on how to style the best trendy active sneakers for women with your at-home outfits below!

Mini Dress + Hat + Stylish Women’s Sneakers Combo

If you’re like us, you’re ready to soak up the delicious summer sun after months of primarily being inside. There’s nothing more comfortable for a quick walk outside or a solo picnic on the front lawn than a lightweight summer dress! It’s an easy choice in the morning and suitable for both laying around on the couch and waving from your balcony at the neighbors.

We love how our #TaosAmbassadors have styled their cool women’s sneakers with their breezy dresses and summer hats. Wearing staples like our Star Burst active sneakers is the best way to stay comfortable while padding around during lockdown.

taos star

A Cozy Outfit With Cool Women’s Sneakers to Match Your Surroundings

taos plim soul

If you stay at home long enough, you just might start to blend in with your surroundings! Just kidding, but we do love how these #TaosAmbassadors are matching their personal style aesthetic to their homes. Soft gray Star canvas active sneakers look extra cozy on a plush carpet, don’t you think?

Taos Star Grey Lace Up Canvas Sneakers


Summer Shorts and the Best Active Shoes

All of our trendy active sneakers for women look fab with shorts – and our #TaosAmbassadors prove it! Whichever outfit you prefer, these styles show that shorts and sneakers are a match made in heaven. From a minimal bodysuit and fresh white Star Burst kicks to a colorful ensemble with tropical patterned Plim Soul, it’s clear these outfits are ideal for relaxing at home!

 Taos Star Burst Lace Up Canvas Sneakers

Ready for Your Pair?

Have you ever seen orthopedic shoes as cute as our women’s active sneakers? We’re obsessed with how our #TaosAmbassadors are styling their stylish shoes during lockdown despite all of the stress of this difficult period.

Don’t forget that women’s stylish sneakers like these also pair really well with lounge pieces and activewear like leggings and bike shorts. Even though you can easily walk a mile in them, they’re also perfect for hanging out at home. Stay safe, stay comfortable, and remember that we are all in this together!


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