How to Pack the Right Shoes for Your Holiday Vacation

Choosing the best vacation shoes can be difficult, no matter the trip. You want to be able to take those comfortable booties for travel and your stylish walking shoes for vacation.

Actually, you probably want your entire shoe collection with you, but you just can’t carry that kind of baggage around. No one should be traveling with multiple suitcases full of holiday shoes, especially if you’re hoping to pack only in a carry-on. That’s why you should pack stylish and comfortable vacation shoes that are appropriate for multiple occasions.

Below are some things to think about when choosing your shoes for vacation. Be sure to keep these in mind while packing so you can stay comfortable and stylish abroad, without overloading your luggage.

Where You Are Going Should Determine Which Shoes to Pack for Vacation

Chances are, the location of your holiday will determine the best vacation shoes you should bring. Will it be warm or cold? What activities will you be participating in? Who are you going to be traveling with?

You want comfortable vacation shoes that can take on anything your schedule throws at you. For example, if you’re headed to a warmer climate and you will be active, our Aura sandals will be perfect. They are one of the best walking sandals for vacation thanks to both the supportive, contoured footbed and antimicrobial, water-friendly footbed. These comfortable vacation shoes are sure to keep your feet cool if the temperature heats up.

Taos Aura Soft Support Flip Flop Sandals

If you’re headed to a colder climate,
Crave is the perfect pair of comfortable booties for travel. The faux fur and leather lining will keep your feet warm, while the Soft Support™ premium dual-density removable footbed ensures you stay comfortable regardless of the adventures you embark on. Beyond being a functional option for holiday shoes, they’re also stylish walking shoes for vacations that help you fit in like a local wherever you go.

Taos Crave Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots

Will you be spending your vacation on your feet? Will you be active? How much time will you spend lounging around the hotel? It’s a good idea to think about what your routine will look like so you can bring the right women’s holiday shoes that fit into your vacation schedule.

Link is another option for one of the best walking sandals for vacation because they can take you from strolls around town right to a beachside dinner. The premium suede footbed offers the support most sandals don’t give, while the sophisticated and fun print is the perfect style for any summer outfit. They pair perfectly with a maxi dress, denim, shorts and your favorite tee! These sandals will last through this tropical holiday and future ones too. Many sandals are flat, so if you spend a lot of time walking in them your feet will get sore. These shoes are great to pack as they can go from the streets to the sand.

These comfortable holiday shoes give great support so you can wear them all day without fear of foot fatigue. Best of all, they come in a ton of colors and designs. So, you can pair these stylish walking shoes for vacation with the right outfit and seamlessly transition from a casual daytime look to a trendy nighttime one.

Do Your Shoes for Vacation Fit?

Perhaps the worst mistake you can make is to bring uncomfortable shoes on vacation. You don’t want to be stuck with holiday shoes that make you cringe each time you think about putting them on.

To be sure you’re avoiding this vacation shoe nightmare, try them on before you leave. If you’re going somewhere colder, remember to make sure your winter footwear fits comfortably with thicker socks if you think you’ll need the extra warmth.

Feet have the ability to grow and shrink as you age. With this in mind, get your foot measured to be sure of your current size before making any new purchases.

When it comes to finding the best vacation shoes, make sure the pairs you’re bringing fit the size, width, and arches of your feet. If they are too big, too tight, too wide, or don’t fit your arch properly, you may end up on vacation with screaming feet.

Pack Holiday Shoes for Both Formal and Casual Occasions

When sneakers and sandals aren’t fancy enough, high heels, flats, and comfortable booties for travel are all great options for women’s holiday shoes.

Booties make for one of the best vacation shoes because this style is extremely versatile. You can wear them during the day for walking around and in the evenings at more formal events. Dillie is just one example of booties that can be stylish walking shoes for vacation and easily dressed up when paired with a festive dress. With the Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed, you can wear these comfortable vacation walking shoes with casual jeans all day and still feel great when you get ready for the evening.

taos dillie boots


If you’d prefer a vacation shoe with a heel or are looking for something fancier, Sheila 2 is the perfect party shoe. The classic, leather uppers and Curves & Pods® footbed combine to create both a stylish and comfortable vacation shoe you can take anywhere.

Taos Sheila 2 T Strap Cork Wedge Sandals

Wherever you are going, and whatever shoes for vacation you decide to pack, keep these considerations in mind. The most important things to look for in your comfortable and stylish walking shoes for vacation are that they are comfortable, fit correctly, and can be worn in multiple situations. The best vacation shoes will keep you from the burden of packing too many options.

An active vacation, however, needs sneakers. If you’re struggling to find the sneakers that can allow you to run around with friends and family while looking great, Star is a great vacation walking shoe. These will keep you going whether you’re playing a game with the kids at the hotel or going for a leisurely hike.

Taos Star Canvas Lace Up Sneakers
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