How to entertain yourself Outdoors during Quarantine

How to Entertain Yourself Outdoors During Quarantine

Confined primarily to our houses during this period of quarantine, people are turning more than ever to nature. Doing outside exercise is good for the mind and body and is the best way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. In fact, any outdoor activity during quarantine is crucial for body and mind. While certain parks and outdoor spaces may be closed, luckily, you can still soak up the sun from your yard with these fun ways to stay active.

Play Lawn Games for Outside Exercise

Anyone up for a game of croquet? Most of us don’t get enough chances to enjoy fun lawn games like croquet, bocce, and cornhole and the sets sit unused in the garage. Now’s your chance to pull them out and set them up because an afternoon game on the lawn is one of the best things to do during quarantine with your family. They’re also great sources of outside exercise.

Some slip-on sneakers like Dandy are ideal for relaxed outdoor activities. Plus, they are some of the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis with removable footbeds that provide great arch and metatarsal support.

Start an Herb Garden

Starting an herb garden is an enjoyable outdoor activity during quarantine that many people love. Being able to shut off your brain and use your hands for a while makes gardening a therapeutic activity as well as a productive one.

The best part is that gardening will save you trips to the grocery store as you already have the freshest, most delicious cilantro, basil, and rosemary right in your yard! Another bonus: It may not seem you’re burning calories but gardening is actually a gentle way to exercise outside during quarantine.

Get Into the Habit of Jogging Outside

Looking to stay in shape? Jogging is truly one of the best exercises to do outside. Lace up your women’s active shoes like Star Burst and enjoy this socially distanced outside exercise that lets you explore new roads and do some cardio at the same time. If you’re not a runner, you can also walk; the benefits of walking are just as numerous as running!

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Enjoy Meals Al Fresco if You Can

Now’s the perfect time to put your patio furniture to good use and take some of your meals outdoors. Grill outside and have a tasty BBQ with your family as an outdoor activity during quarantine! Or simply have cocktail hour in the fresh air. Enjoying the tastes of summer from your back porch has never seemed more appealing.

Read While Sunbathing for a Low-Key Outdoor Activity During Quarantine

Remember the days of reading a book at the beach? While you might not want to (or be able to) go to the beach, don’t forget that you can still take a break from your outside exercise and enjoy a good read. Just set up a lawn chair on the back porch and dive into a good novel. It’s not quite the same, but it will do for now!

Go “Camping” in the Backyard

Exercising outside during quarantine is a welcome relief from sitting inside all day. While travel is restricted, why not take a little staycation in your backyard by setting up a tent? You can eat s'mores made in the microwave, tell ghost stories, and fall asleep to the sounds of crickets. This outdoor activity is almost like being out in the wilderness...except there are showers nearby.

Photograph Nature

If there is one thing COVID-19 has forced everyone to do, it’s to slow down. Gone are the days of rushing from work to pick up your kids or juggle meetings with errands and going to the gym. There’s nowhere to go, so why not make the most of it by appreciating all the little details of the space you are occupying?

There are still plenty of things to do during quarantine, it just takes a little more creativity! With any kind of camera – even a smartphone – you can do a few laps around the yard in stylish sneakers like Z Soul. While you walk, take pictures of sweet details like flowers, frogs, and the sun coming through the trees. Make a little scrapbook to remember this time when all was quiet in your life.

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From walking to sports, we’re here to support outdoor activity during quarantine with the comfiest and most fashion-forward orthopedic sneakers around. Maintaining health during this pandemic is the #1 goal and that means taking care of your whole body, all the way down to your toes. Stay safe, take care of yourself, and we’ll get through this together!


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