How to Clean and Organize Your Shoe Closet for 2022

Clear out the clutter in the new year and you’ll find that you save time and money on a daily basis. This applies to everything from your pantry to your shoe storage.

While it may seem daunting, giving your shoe closet a makeover will pay off in the long run. As Marie Kondo would say, if it doesn’t “spark joy,” it needs to go! Here are some helpful steps for how to organize shoes in a closet.

Step 1: Out with the Old

First thing’s first: Pull out all of your shoes into an open space so that you can see what you actually have. It’s hard to say goodbye to old shoes, but once in a while, a purge is necessary.

A good rule of thumb for shoe organization is if you haven’t worn them in the last year, you can probably do without them. For shoes of value that are still in like-new condition, you can list them on Poshmark or eBay to make a bit of extra money. Otherwise, you can donate any shoes in good condition to Goodwill or other charity shops.

If the shoes are filled with holes or scuffed beyond recognition, go ahead and throw them away. No one wants those! See, your closet is looking better already.

Step 2: Invest in Good Shoe Storage Solutions

Consider what type of shoe storage you want to use. If you’re a shoe-a-holic, you’re going to need some creative ways to organize shoes to make the most of your space and be able to see every pair.

Here are our recommendations for how to store shoes:

Shoe rack

The best shoe racks are wooden or clear plastic ones. Cheap wire racks don’t work for organizing trickier shoes like heels and can make it difficult to see all of your shoes. If you want your closet to look like a shoe store, you can even get a revolving shoe rack that rotates to display every pair.

Underbed storage

If you don’t have a large closet, try storing some of your shoes under your bed in a shoe organizer. It’s best to put the shoes you don’t wear that often under the bed so that the ones you do wear can stay out in the open for easy access.

Over the door shoe storage

These organizers are great for sandals and flats that are lightweight and will fit into the slots.

DIY shoe hangers

Hangers work great for organizing shoes such as flip-flops and sandals like Lola. With this hanging solution, you’ll be able to see your sandals, make sure they don’t get separated, and conserve space in your closet.

Clear plastic shoe boxes

Clear plastic bins or boxes can be used for shoe organization as well; plus they protect from damage.

Step 3: Organize, Organize, Organize Your Shoes

Once you have your shoe storage options ready, pull out the shoes that are not in season and the ones that you don’t wear very often, but want to keep. These can be put up high in shoe bins or under the bed for storage until you need them.

Fancy heels and other delicate shoes should also be stored above where they won’t get damaged. You can even display them in your closet on a shelf if you want them visible. Hang up your sandals and throw everyday sneakers in a basket or cubby. Here’s a tip for how to store shoes: With tall boots like Tall Crave, slide boot shapers or plastic water bottles inside to help preserve their shape and keep them from falling over.

Leave the shoes you wear the most for last. Shoes for a capsule wardrobe should be placed front and center so you can easily grab them.

Step 4: Clean and Care for Your Shoes When Getting Ready for Storage

Tidying up your shoe closet should also mean the occasional cleaning of your shoes. Make sure you have the right cleansers and polishes for different shoe materials, from leather and suede to canvas.

Now that you know the best ways to organize shoes and store them, you can easily find and enjoy your fab shoes! You’ll feel more motivated with an organized space and will know exactly what you have and where everything is located. As Marie Kondo says (we’re big fans if you can’t tell), “Small changes transform our lives.” Sounds like a great way to begin 2022!

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