7 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

While staying at home during quarantine, there’s more time than ever to do all the things we always wanted in the house. We have plenty of time to exercise, spend time with the kids, and even sleep in. We have so much time, yet it all seems to move really fast. Before we know it, the whole day has elapsed with not much work done.

When there are no deadlines, productivity is entirely self-motivated. Many people have a problem with managing their time. For this reason, they get less done while at home than when at the office. There’s no one to check on you, so you have to be your own cheerleader and focus on what needs to get done. If you’re wondering how to be productive at home when your colleagues and managers aren’t around, we’re here to help. Our work from home advice and productivity tips will help you check off those to-do lists in no time.

How to Stay Productive At Home: Plan Your Day the Night Before

Remember how you used to put out your school clothes the night before? It made the morning much more organized and less stressful as you already knew what you were going to wear. This work from home productivity tip follows the same principle.

Give yourself a head start on the day by starting the night before. Create a to-do list of all the tasks you need to accomplish and organize them for the next day. When you wake up, you already know what needs to get done and won’t have to waste time creating your schedule.

Getting Dressed is a Simple Yet Powerful Productivity Tip

You may not be expecting to see anyone while you work from home, but you should still change out of your PJs. It will make you feel like you are getting ready for work, putting you into a more productive mindset.

The best work from home outfit ideas are comfortable, but still look pulled together. Think tailored tops, leggings, loungewear, and floaty dresses. Some super comfy, low-key sandals like Zen or Aura are supportive while hanging out at home. If you want something a little more jazzy, try Luckie and enjoy the stylish yet ultra-supportive cork footbed.

Clean Up Before Working

A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind. One of the best tips for working from home is to make sure your desk or work table is cleared and clean before starting work. Don’t leave dishes or clothes lying around because the mess will inevitably distract you. You don’t want to use cleaning as a procrastination method in the middle of the day (that’s right: we know)...

Check Off the Most Dreaded Task First

If there is one thing we are all guilty of, it’s leaving the worst task until last as if putting it off will make it go away. Instead, it makes us dread it even more, piling on stress that doesn’t need to be there. This feels even more true now that we’re working from home.

So here’s a productivity tip to use now and when you get back to the office: Go ahead and get that dreaded task done first. You’ll feel much better and be more productive the rest of the day. Remember, once begun, it’s half done!

Avoid Distractions to Be More Productive At Home

One of the top work from home work from home productivity tips we can offer is to avoid all distractions. Besides clutter, common distractions like children, pets, the TV, and roommates can interrupt your work flow. Try to set up in a place where these distractions won’t disturb you.

Take a Quick Break Every Hour

Research has proven that the brain gets fatigued after working without breaks. To avoid feeling burnt out, take a 10-20 min break every hour. You can take a quick walk in comfy active sneakers like Star to clear your mind and press the reset button. Be sure to give the soles a quick wipe before you come back inside!

Stay Productive At Home By Scheduling Your Daily Exercise

Working from home means you don’t have a lot of opportunities to move around. You’re not walking to work or to lunch with friends. Instead, you are almost entirely stationary. How can you be productive at home if you don’t get your body moving and release those endorphins?

Schedule daily exercise while working from home to make sure you fit in a sweat session. You’ll reap the benefits of the endorphins and your body will feel much better. By setting a specific time, you can look forward to your workout and hold yourself accountable for doing it every day. If it makes you feel motivated, you can wear your activewear and comfortable women’s sneakers all day to get you pumped for your workout.

Give these tips for working from home a try and we bet your day will look a lot more organized. When you work efficiently, you will feel much more relaxed at the end of the day.