4 Women's Outfits for a Great Outdoor Adventure

One of the most fun ways to stay active and healthy this summer is to head outside and begin an outdoor adventure in beautiful nature! Hiking, mountain biking, going to the lake and camping are just a few of the activities we have on our long list of things to do this summer. Wherever your free spirit leads you, make sure you’re equipped with all the right gear and have an outfit and shoes that won’t hold you back. Below, we’ve pulled together easy hiking outfits for women that are ready to blaze any trail.

Taos Active Curves and Pods Footbed Diagram

1. Wear Leggings for Protection and Comfort

Depending on what outdoor activities you’re planning, you may want to wear long pants to protect your legs. Leggings are the perfect choice of hiking clothes for women because they allow you to move around easily, won’t get in your way, and are typically made of breathable, stretchy fabrics.

If you plan to walk through tall grasses during a hike, you should wear leggings to protect your skin from allergens and poisonous plants. You will also want to wear leggings while doing outdoor activities with a harness, like zip-lining or rock climbing.

While you can’t control having to cover your legs for protection, you can wear a very lightweight tank top to keep you cool. Pair this outdoorsy ensemble with some of the best walking shoes around, the Star Burst sneakers. The canvas pair feature lace-up adjustability and have a built-in supportive footbed to cushion your every step.

Taos Star Burst Active Sneakers

2. Get Sporty with Bike Shorts and High Tops

There are so many outdoor ideas to try while the weather is still nice! For hot summer days of biking or walking, another great look to try is comfy bike shorts and a matching sports bra. If you are hiking through tree trails, tie a waterproof jacket around your waist in case it rains or temperatures drop. You’ll want one with a hood just in case.

As for outdoor shoes for women, there are many stylish options. Plus a pair of supportive women’s active shoes with long socks are a must to protect your ankles from bugs and low plants. Sneakers like Star will protect your feet and provide support for a long day of walking. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle!

Taos Star Canvas Lace Up Sneakers


3. Dive into Summer in a One-Piece Bathing Suit + Jean Shorts

Headed out to the beach or the lake? Lucky you! If you are doing anything water-related, like kayaking, paddle boarding, or boating, this outfit is for you. A cute one-piece bathing suit functions like a top tucked into a pair of low-key denim shorts. This also makes for a practical hiking outfit as the waterproof material repels sweat.

Style this relaxed look with easy slip-on sneakers like Twin Gore Lux that you can quickly slide off and on when you’re ready to dive into the water. 

Taos Twin Gore Lux Leather Slip On Sneaker

4. Keep it Simple and Stylish with an Athletic Romper

Summer is the best time to pull out an athletic romper and make a style statement. Rompers require no thought beforehand and are really cute for almost any activity. They might not be the best hiking clothes for women but they’re ideal for post-trail downtime. Wear yours as a coverup for the beach or as a fashion statement as you canoe around the lake. Outdoor activities don’t always have to be athletic, they can be as relaxing as hanging out by a campfire!

Complement your romper with a pair of whimsical sneakers like tropically patterned Plim Soul. These are great outdoor shoes for women, plus they are some of the best walking shoes plantar fasciitis and common foot problems because they cushion and support the arches.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on planning your outdoor adventures! There are so many benefits to walking daily and getting sunshine that everyone can use, particularly during this scary time of COVID-19. With these easy outfits and outdoor shoes for women, you’ll climb every mountain in style.

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