Working From Home? Here Are 5 Outfit Ideas To Keep You Focused

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Working From Home? Here Are 5 Outfit Ideas To Keep You Focused
2 months ago

Anyone who has ever tried to work from home will tell you that maintaining focus is a chore. It takes months to master a WFH balance and of course there are a handful of days when you will still get nothing done due to distractions around the house. Luckily, once you get into a good routine of working during the hours that you are most productive, you can feel accomplished at the end of a work day.

Tips to Stay Focused When Working From Home

So, how to strike this magical balance at home? It primarily comes down to one thing: eliminating distractions. Distractions are everywhere, from your roommate exercising in the next room to the refrigerator that calls out your name every half hour. With no one there to monitor your work, you can get off track easily. Plus, it’s not just external factors that affect you, but also how you feel. If you feel sloppy or uncomfortable, you will have a harder time being productive.

Let’s start with something really simple that makes a big difference: getting dressed. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘should I dress up when working from home?’, you’re not alone! Many have considered how to feel stylish and pulled together at home without wearing constricting office outfits. Below, discover 5 outfit tips for working from home.

1. Try a Work From Home Outfit That Mixes and Matches Comfy Clothes and Office Clothes

If you want to look professional and be comfy, why not mix the two? The easiest way to do this is to start with a comfortable base, like a t-shirt and leggings or jeans. Then, add a blazer or knit cardigan and jewelry to dress up the outfit. A sleek pair of black or gray leather fashion sneakers like Jester is the best of both worlds: work and leisure.

2. Wear Bright Colors

There’s a psychology behind how clothing makes you feel. If you are dragging around the house in gray all the time, you will likely feel less motivated. Neutrals are ideal for the office, but when you’re thinking about what to wear when working from home, you can brighten up the day by wearing a bright color.

Red is a great color for feeling bold and getting things done. So is blue, which can enhance focus with a calming effect. Here’s a work from home outfit idea: Pair your colorful shirt with white shorts and supportive slide sandals like Prize 3.

3. Loose Silhouettes are What You Should Wear When Working From Home

If you are too uncomfortable from the get-go in stiff, structured clothing, you won’t feel productive and will be tempted to change back into your PJs. For this reason – and to help you stay focused when working from home – you should opt for looser garments.

One work from home outfit idea is to embrace a bohemian style with a flowy cardigan or top, palazzo pants, and delicate sandals. With detailed beading and a braided strap, Genie sandals bring a free-spirited vibe while still being supportive.

4. An All-in-One Work From Home Outfit Idea: Wrap Dress

Want a super easy work from home outfit? We’re big fans of a comfy wrap dress. The beauty of a stretchy wrap dress is that it can be form-fitting without feeling constrictive. It looks really nice, but isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. Plus, you can wear a wrap dress with just about any kind of shoes, from white canvas sneakers like Star to strappy sandals with support like Bonita.

Taos Star Active Sneaker in White

5. Wear a Matching Lounge Set

There’s a way to pull off sweatpants while you’re working from home without sacrificing focus and it’s this: wear a matching set. If you have a full neon set or matching knit skirt and tank top, you’ll naturally feel more pulled together and ready to tackle anything. Shoes can stay simple with active slide-on sneakers like Dandy. This casual, yet on-trend work from home outfit will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Now that you have these work from home focus tips and some ideas for what to wear, the trick is to get dressed right away in the morning and make it a part of your routine. If you wait, you run the risk of falling down the slippery slope of not changing at all and losing productive hours when you could be working. Strike the right balance by choosing work from home outfits that make you sit up straighter and shoes that are supportive and stylish.