What to Look for in Garden Shoes This Spring

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What to Look for in Garden Shoes This Spring
3 months ago

Spring is right around the corner, meaning it’s time you start thinking about the flowers and vegetables you’ll be tending to. As you’re thinking about the seeds to grow and fertilizer to buy, you should also look into purchasing the proper footwear for this springtime activity.

It is important to have good gardening footwear to help protect your feet from things like debris, thorns, chemicals, pests, and more. Also, you’re going to want to find comfortable, supportive garden shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. You’ll have to embrace the dirt, so be sure your shoes are ready to do the same.

What to Look for in Garden Shoes

It’s always a good idea to find a pair of garden clogs with arch support or extra comfort to ensure you’re able to tackle any project. Whether you’re tending to plants or simply cleaning up your yard, a good pair of garden shoes can go a long way. Here are the most important things to consider when looking for a pair of garden shoes online or in-store:

Choose Sturdy Gardening Footwear

Look for sturdy garden shoes that are able to be roughed up a bit. You want to wear shoes made with sturdier materials to hold up against sticks and sharp objects.

Sturdiness goes hand in hand with support, as you’ll likely be spending lots of time standing and moving around in your yard. Look for garden shoes with arch support, so they will be comfortable for long periods of time. Rubber Soul is a great option if you’re looking for garden shoes online. These durable shoes have our Active Curves & Pods® removable footbed for the ultimate comfort and arch support. The easy-to-clean rubber soul is perfect for the garden, and you can choose from among a variety of colors to find a pair that suits your style.

Rubber Soul Slip On Sneaker

Water-Friendly Shoes are Ideal for the Garden

Another thing to keep in mind is to look for shoes that will keep your feet dry. You’re going to want your garden shoes to be water-friendly and practical. While you probably won’t want to be gardening in the rain, your shoes should still be prepared for any kind of weather. You will also be dealing with watering cans and hoses, and odds are your feet will get in the way at some point.

Don’t be reluctant to look into sandals as excellent options for waterproof gardening footwear. New Wave is a water-friendly sandal with quick dry webbing and easy to clean footbed. The closed cell antibacterial premium polyurethane footbed makes these one of the best garden shoes with arch support, while the adjustable straps ensure you have the perfect fit.

New Wave Water Friendly Sandal

The Best Footwear for Gardening Starts at the Sole

Remember to think about the soles of your garden shoes. A reliable pair will have a good grip to avoid slips and falls. If you’re looking for garden shoes online, make sure the website includes photographs of the soles so you can see whether or not they will have good grip.

Find the Right Style for You

Clogs are fairly popular for home gardeners. If you have a vegetable patch that you weed and water, this could be a good style to consider. However, gardening clogs with arch support are harder to come by. Again, if you’re shopping for garden shoes online, be sure to check that they have arch support before making the purchase.

While clogs are a more popular form of gardening footwear, they don’t necessarily protect your ankles or your calves. If you want more coverage, or live in an area with particularly dense undergrowth, look for gardening boots. These will give you more protection from the elements. For example, if you have deep mud, gardening boots will keep you clean and dry while allowing you to dive into the fray.

As you get ready to put your green thumb to work, don’t forget that your feet will be working hard, too. Remember to treat them right with a great pair of garden shoes!