Taos Customers Journey: Julie's Experience as an Active Educator With the Supportive Universe Sandals

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Taos Customers Journey: Julie's Experience as an Active Educator With the Supportive Universe Sandals
4 months ago

We love to hear about the adventures of our customers in their Taos shoes. To see where and how customers are wearing Taos inspires us everyday and we are so grateful for your stories. In the spirit of connecting during this difficult time, we’re starting a new initiative of sharing our customer journeys.

The Customer Spotlight: Julie

Today, we’re excited to share the customer testimonial of Julie, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and teacher at a public school where she works with students with behavioral concerns. Julie has taught in public schools for 26 years and says her day-to-day consists of teaching, problem solving, building strong relationships, and working with parents and school professionals to create a strong team for her students.

Always on the move, Julie wears her Taos Universe in the classroom and beyond:
“I throw on my Taos when I am running errands, shopping with my daughters, and heading to the lake,” she says. Her job is not an easy one, so having comfortable shoes that allow her to focus on her work is essential. “Emotions become strong when working with students with autism, mental health diagnoses, and general behavioral concerns. I know that I will be comfortable and ready for the day when I put on my Taos sandals.”
Taos Comfortable Adjustable Universe Cork Footbed Sandals

The Shoe: Universe Leather Sandals

With soft rich leather straps and beautiful crafted medallion embellishments, Universe supportive sandals are a sleek choice for busy women like Julie. The adjustable Z strap design provides for a custom fit and a secure feeling. These won’t fall off!

The all-natural and flexible contour cork footbed puts a spring in your step and makes you feel like walking on a cloud. In a range of neutral colors as well as red, you’ll easily make these a go-to shoe when you’re on the run. Among the best shoes for teachers, these are also great for travel, walking, and lounging around the house.

All of our comfortable flat sandals are made with soft cushioning to boost confidence and make every step feel more comfortable. With lightweight orthotic-level footbeds, our supportive sandals for women have excellent arch and metatarsal support as well as shock absorption to relieve strain from your bones and joints. For this reason, they are the perfect shoes for anyone who has foot problems like plantar fasciitis or neuropathy. The open structure also allows issues like bunions and corns to breathe without further irritation.

Comfortable Sandals for Every Woman

Whether you prefer a slide sandal like Guru or a more secure feeling style like Zen, there is a Taos sandal to make your day easier while maintaining style. We take classic shapes and add modern twists with a European flair to create truly one-of-a-kind sandals to fit your unique lifestyle. You’ll find our women’s sandal collection to be very versatile, too. Dress them up or down to go with any outfit in your closet.

Taos Comfortable Guru Honey Slide Sandals

Treat yourself to total comfort this spring and summer with Taos women’s sandals. Oh and did we mention? There is no break-in period required in these leather beauties. They’ll feel like a custom fit straight out of the box. Once they become your new favorites in your closet, share your Taos journey with us!

Taos Comfortable Zen Sandals in Navy